My Experience on why Uplay is Awful

To kick off my Blood Dragon experience, the game installed UPlay. I’m fine with that. They need to make 30% on game sales just like everybody else. I haven’t played a UPlay game in a year. I own stock in UBIsoft, but I just don’t play their games. They don’t appeal to me, even if I have an account and everything. With it installed, I waited for it to update and it did. Then it was time to put in my user name and password. It didn’t recognize them, but I know what they are. I chose to use offline mode. Can’t do that. In fact offline mode didn’t crash the UPlay console, but kept it minimized. I restarted the program, closed and opened the program several times. Even restarted my Steam Box (PC connected to my TV, not really a Steam Box).

Nothing worked, so I looked for help. Eventually, I uninstalled UPlay and tried starting Blood Dragon again thinking it would install UPlay again to solve the problem. Nope. It just knew UPlay wasn’t on the computer. So I went to the official site like using my hands to unclog a toilet. I quickly installed UPlay. This UPlay console looked very different from the one Blood Dragon installed…. but UPlay: Blood Dragon updated itself, so they should be the same. Nope. Whatever. With it installed, it didn’t recognize my user name and password. So I just made a new user name and password.

You’d think that I’d be good to go right then and there. Oh no. I needed to not install Blood Dragon via UPlay, but unlock Blood Dragon on UPlay. That involved going back to Steam, looking up the CD-Key for the game on the details panel of Blood Dragon, and then going back to UPlay and pasting in the key. Its so simple a child could do it. You need two consoles open and owned on both to play one game. In one way, its nice of UPlay to honor my purchase on another console / store. Hey whatever gets me to the UPlay store to buy games right? But on the other hand its mounds of inefficiency.

Driving with tunnel vision field of view leads to issues.

So I need to open Steam, open UPlay and then play Blood Dragon through Steam? Well whatever. Not just that, but every screen shot that I take gets a screen shot for Steam, but simultaneously takes a screenshot in UPlay. They both use the F12 key. Awesome. Twice the pop ups! So I went back into UPlay and disabled the console and overlay.

Grass not attached to the ground.

I am fine having a UPlay account. I am fine using a UPlay account to play UBIsoft games. I am NOT fine having two consoles open at once to play a game. They should have made the game exclusive to UPlay and not available on Steam to draw people in. Sure I wouldn’t play it outside of Steam, because I’m a snob like that. The version of UPlay couldn’t even upgrade itself to the current version properly. I am starting to dislike the French in general because of UBIsoft. Even if Blood Dragon was made by a French Canadian studio in Quebec.

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