Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Blog (playing the game)

In case I hadn’t bored you enough with my Bully Blog, I’ll hit you with my Blood Dragon Blog. Supposedly the game lasts 4 hours, but here I am in hour 5. I own the game on Play Station Network, but it never really appealed to me even though you have the open world idiocy that people love. It just wasn’t fast paced enough for me. You really need to stalk and kill people or their friends will call for reinforcements. Just like in real life.

Most of the time I rely on my knife to get the job done. Other times the sniper rifle. I’ve been exploiting the enemies. I’ll shoot a gun and let them run to me and knife them or grenade them as they all line up. Throwing the dice to get them to come to me and just face stabbing them instead of throwing the dice away from me and back stabbing them. Not just that, but I run up to the soldiers and stab them Rambo style. I feel very unstoppable until the game puts me into an underground bunker and just floods the room with enemies.

I can’t really say anything interesting happened in the first five hours. I didn’t see anything interesting. It all just looks the same. Neon purple, glowing lights and dark pallets. Its like an evil Tron. Anyone seen the first Tron now that its 20+ years later? Its just two dudes standing in front of a black screen.

There’s nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Sure you can throw out a heart to lure a blood dragon to kill all of your enemies, but it seems like less of a joy, more of a tactic. Like I get more joy out of knife killing the guys and I do it more efficiently than the blood dragons can kill them. Maybe I’m not playing the game crazy enough. Like not ramming jeeps through gates, taking over a turret and shooting down things. Even a flame thrower and setting grass on fire or burning eggs just doesn’t feel that fun as it should. There have been a few good moments that parody movies like waiting for an elevator facing off against two blood dragons face to face was like one of the final scenes to Aliens. I ended up just walking down a hallway and waiting. The blood dragons didn’t care. There was even a homage to Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

I should have picked up that garden gnome.

I will say the pace and mixing up of the game’s tricks seems good.Jeep chase down a narrow corridor as everything behind you explodes. Taking down a copter with a chain gun. It really needs that diversity. When I’m plowing through the game, I just don’t feel the need to have my own silly fun.

The cut scenes are way too long and the whole over the top thing quickly turned into a turn off. I feel like I could skip them. I know people love the retro cut scenes, but I’m starting to think it was just their way of keeping costs low. I’d rather play a retro style game with retro cut scenes that a gorgeous game with retro style cut scenes. They’re so over the top that it doesn’t get to the so bad its good realm. I just keep thinking wow they’re trying hard. I’ve heard far too many, “Remember the time we (adverb) (country) from (country)?” I feel bad for Michael Bien for having to put up with whoever wrote the script. Its not a parody of 80s movies, its a mockery of video games.

The worst part about the game is that saving at a checkpoint and loading the save starts you at the beginning of the entire mission instead of the checkpoint. Ouch. Well there went an hour of gameplay.

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