My Week in Games [12/26/2014 – 12/1/2014] [Poll] Shadow Warrior 2013, Ghostbusters, Bully, Team Fortress 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 & 2, Don’t Starve Together

Here we are again. Another week and it was full of high points in gaming, all but a few. I sank at least 8 hours into everything but Don’t Starve.

A friend gave me this, and I’m really trying to get into it, but it just seems like there is no point. I just survive. That’s the point though, not to starve. Just keep going. Like an arcade game, but less pressing. Less engaging, more relaxing. Maybe that’s why its so popular, it doesn’t need your attention that much. Its just crafting. Craft more stuff to stay alive to craft more stuff. Its painful having to hit the mouse button each and every time to chop down a tree, then click the mouse on everything to pick up things to collect.

Playing pub MVM expert on TF2 has gotten awful lately with Valve handing out free Tour of Duty tickets. However, there are now at least full servers. I’ve been trying to teach 0 tour players how to succeed, but in the end, people do what they want. Try to teach them how to bottleneck, nope they stand wherever and enemies run by with the bomb.

To balance that out, I managed to fall into a group with a 100 tour and we managed to carry the 4 0 tours. We went through two entire missions with only a lost wave or two. It was surprising. Normally 3 great players can carry 3, but rarely 2 can carry 4.

I own this game on CD. I’m looking at it right now and now I own it on Steam. While everyone says the second one is better, because each scenario has more land. I really think the first one is superior. The patron intelligence is pretty dumb. They’ll walk around in circles forever even with a map so you need to block them off with do not enter signs, or just make a really long path. I’ve played through it countless times on 5 computers in the past 15 years. Here I am again sinking 16 hours into it again.

I own this on CD too, its in my laptop right now as I type this. Now I own it on Steam. I spent another 16 hours playing this too. I had been playing it maybe two months ago. I bust out a few scenarios. Every scenario just feels so gimmicky. A castle in one scenario, a futuristic industrial complex in the next. Personally, I’d rather just make my own style and build parks on my own without having so many pre set paths.

I like this game, but after 8 hours into it, my enthusiasm is starting to waivor. The characters are great and all, but there are just too many distractions. Get to class, get to class, try to fit a mission in between. Get tardy and chased by cops or perfects. There’s more criminal mischief than there is Grand Theft Auto mayhem and violence.

Wow what a game. I really had a struggle in the first two hours. It felt too glitchy and difficult, but like all games, after those first two hours it all became easier. I still can’t call the game fun, but it was an enjoyment having the Ghostbusters back together again. I can’t imagine this being a third movie, it felt like they started big and ended little.

Well this was my best game of the week full of good games. This was crazy and engaging by the end. In the first two hours, I didn’t really understand what the praise was. The guns didn’t feel right, the levels got me lost and the enemies were meh. The only thing that felt right were the graphics and sword. Later on the enemies got diverse and the game just kept throwing more and more crazy numbers at me. It became a joy to dash to and from enemies, switching weapons and tactics, doing button combinations. It’ll be difficult for other shooters to be this good.

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