Bully Game Blog (Christmas on the Wrong Side of the Tracks)

I played more Bully today on Steam. While I understand that its a good to great game, I’m just not as engaged as I am with other games. There’s no real focus on anything. Just one random mission after another. Riding in bike races in this mission, beating up teen preps in another. The game says I’m 27% through the game and I’m not sure that I can make it another 8 – 20 hours to finish the game. I’ve stopped deviating off the path and just stick to the main quests. This is a time sink of a game, that I’m not sure I can invest the time in.

Chapter 3 has started and a new section of town has unlocked. I call it the wrong side of the tracks, where the greasers and hobos roam. Not just that, but there’s a new gang of elves to worry about. I went on a panty raid that had me stealthing through the girl’s dorm. While I can’t say it causes dirty thoughts or anything, it was silly fun. The whole game has turned into silly fun. You’re this respectufl yet sarcastic boy being sent on all these dirty missions by Santa, teachers and the cook. It feels like I’ve completely deviated off the rails of the game’s main story to beat down Gary who has completely disappeared from the story since the end of Chapter 2.

The drunk Santa is the real stand out star of Chapter 3 so far. He has me taking pictures of kids on his lap as he sits on the toilet. My character took vengeance on some local kids messing with him. He even had me bust up the professional Santa Claus and his elves. Now I have a stream of elves chasing me through what I call bum town.

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