Evil Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Review

Do you love old school Nintendo games. The games that were super difficult because it was a tough system to program for? Well for the 25th anniversary of your anguishing childhood comes the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures! This time the difficulty was intentional and not just poorly done programming with no regard for what’s actually fun. The difficulty in no way is a reflection of a game made with Game Maker, which is a game design software well known for its high quality library of games.

The developers do their best to rekindle your old memories of every other Nintendo game all at once. Something not seen since Super Meat Boy’s cut scenes. Remember the waterfall logs from Super Mario Bros 2? They’re here, complete with the vomit enduing waterfall effects. Castlevania level? Check. Other popular franchise parody levels? Check. They’re all here!

But that’s not to say Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures doesn’t have a style all its own. You get to see text and an overlay block the bottom of the screen. No its not a cut scene, the game never pauses, it just continues obscuring the action at the bottom of the screen. Need to know how much the Nerd hates rocks? Well just pick them up for the first time in a level and you’ll read about it again and again!

On top of that, the game offers its own gameplay flare with floor spikes that dart in and out of blocks. Don’t forget death blocks EVERYWHERE! Whoa Nerd watch your step there. Forget death pits, death blocks are all the rave now! Sure you might get 3 bottles of health each life, but it means nothing with pinpoint jumps over death pits and knock back just like in Castlevania!

To compensate for the knock back you’ll get a Mega Man style gun that has no autofire. So by the end of the level, its considered a workout! You get to fire not left, not right, but three directions! For those pesky enemies above you that never happen outside of a tutorial level that has a Zelda inspired sprite telling you to hit it.

Did you miss the achievement to kill the sprite and need to restart the game for the only time she shows up? Well then, just reset the one single save file! Its okay, you can get back all that hard work in 10 minutes per level! Complete with the 30 lives that normal gives you per continue. Beat a level? Need a recharge on your 30 lives? No problem just die 15 more times to get those 30 lives back. Its like the Konami code without having to remember the pesky thing.

This is one of the greatest indie games out there. Not only is it NOT a movie game, but its a webisode tie in game! The games publisher has credits like ‘Typing of the Bred,’ ‘Please subscribe to our youtube videos before you even watch them,’ and ‘Like this video if you support our American soldiers (in a video about video games).’ Its a game laced with so much comedy that you’ll have to stop and read it every single time you ‘Welcome to Die!’ It makes fun of popular things just like every comedian, but its comedy geared for people that don’t have lives outside of the Internet. It sticks to the AVGN formula and has no new jokes, nor anything original that you wouldn’t find in the over 100 hilarious AVGN webisodes. They understand people can’t handle new things and anything fresh would just force people to say ‘AVGN never said that.’

++++This was a hastily thrown together parody of a review. Hopefully someone enjoyed reading it. Hopefully it didn’t offend anyone.++++

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