Aliens: Colonial Marines Reconnaissance DLC Steam Review

How can I recommend a map pack for a game that no one plays? Its still good content and good diversity. The main draw to the Reconnaissance Pack are the four new maps. Three new maps for Deathmatch and Extermination: Shipwreck, Grief and Autopsy. One Survivor map called Off the Grid. All of the maps look like they were made with parts and objects already in the game. The game really needs a ‘find any match’ in multiplayer. Searching them one by one seems like a waste of time. The community sets up appointments to play since there are so few active two years after the game’s release.

Shipwreck is probably my least favorite out of the three. Its like a three floor box based on Ripley’s trek to the queen from the Aliens movie. It is also the most labyrinth like because so much of the map looks the same. Square and cement. The sub level 2 has an alien hive. The first floor has an APC and some flickering lights. All floors have giant gaps here and there to climb and shoot through. There are easy to find stairwells here and there with a few more interesting staircases.

To make things interesting there is a boiler for aliens to inhabit. When an alien takes possession of a boiler, they can attack with acid in a radius around their body. They can also explode when holding the trigger too long. It offers a nice variety.

Grief is a map with a lot of variety, its not only outside, but its in foggy caves, buildings and sectioned off by giant walls. There is plenty going on here terrain wise. There are foggy pools of water that allow for cover. All three of the deathmatch / extermination maps have no safe areas. You always need to be watching your back. There are no safe spots to camp which is always a good thing.

Autopsy feels very tall. Its outside for the most part with high reaching landscapes. A lot of it seems to be a maze of containers outdoors like the final mission in the single player campaign leading up to the escape.

Off the Grid is a little garage on LV-486. Outside its raining buckets, probably the most in the game, it makes for some pretty blurry vision. Inside there are sewers, tunnels, and an office overlooking the garage. Like all Survivor maps you’ll get a human or Xenomorph team. The humans then race against the clock to secure the area by placing sentries, pulling switches and welding doors shut.

The pack also comes with one new head for each alien type in multiplayer. I’ve gotta say they all look good. The Xeno soldier gets a massive head with a rhino horn on top. The spitter gets a head full of acid pouches that makes it look similar to the bulbosus. Having more green and less black just makes them stand out more in multiplayer. The lurker gets a giant head with not just a saw blade of horns on top, but also coming off the sides. So looking at it head on looks like a triangle and each point of the triangle is a saw blade of horns.

Each alien also gets a new fatality. Variety is always good. The new skins are nothing special. More color just makes them stick out. They’re unlocked from the start so you can simply select them.

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