Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition pack DLC Steam Review

The Collector’s Edition DLC is really only for collectors. Even with a new gun, grenade and shooting gallery, they all feel lack luster. The DLC doesn’t come with the season pass. After buying the DLC, you’ll just have the new gun and grenade in your arsenal. You won’t get to use them in the Stasis interrupted DLC.

As for the shooting gallery, when you start the game, click on campaign, you will see the firing range. Playing it leads you to a three room section of the Sulaco. The first room basically an elevator where you wait for the textures to pop in. The second area is a locker room. The third is where the firing range is located. Here you have unlimited ammo to pick up for your guns including a giant ammo box for everything. It uses the current guns you’ve acquired playing the campaign.

Now its time to start up the range, you go to a computer and select from 4 different modes: Accuracy, Overwhelm, Speed and Gallery. The first three have pairs of blue bullseyes. Accuracy has pairs of stationary bulls-eyes. Overwhelm has the pairs moving forward in three lanes. They take damage and turn from blue to red. Speed has the pairs in three lanes moving forward and if you let one escape by coming to close, that’s it game over. The real treat is the Gallery, because it has flat boards of a bad guy or a little girl with balloons. Shoot the bad guy, get points, shoot the girl lose points.

Each mode has different levels. Shoot X amount for Y points then go to the next level. All four modes feel really dull and long. Maybe I’m just used to having aliens in my face. You can run out of ammo, but that’s why there are ammo boxes behind you.

You get to see the game’s ‘accuracy stat’ in action. Aim and shoot at the target, hit it dead center, yet somehow it doesn’t count. Well every gun has an ‘accuracy stat’ so you have a percentage to miss the target, even when you’ve shot it. Good for multi player I guess. This firing range feels like a tutorial that the game should have come with. The description mentions an obstacle course, but I have yet to find it. Other than the second firing range has been turned into a cargo area, but its blocked by caution tape.

After all of that, its time for the plasma pulse rifle. It has a clip of four and you don’t just pull the trigger to make it shoot. You hold the trigger to make it shoot. The gun heats up then fires a straight plasma pulse through whatever its aimed at. The shot fires without having to release the trigger. Personally, I could have a lot of dead aliens before this thing ever charges up. It feels impractical to use in the field when there are quicker weapons and all of the boss fights don’t rely on guns so much as outsmarting them.

The second weapon is the Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers. You can call them useless for short. These are throwables that you throw them out, they hit the floor, then they jump into the are and have a shockwave that paralyzes enemies. Its a great visual effect. The only problem is that it doesn’t kill the enemy, it merely stuns them. Then after throwing them, you need to switch back to a weapon to kill them. Its inefficient. Even with a wide radius, the timer to detonation is too long so aliens just avoid them. I would have preferred if it was an upgrade to preexisting weapons where I could alt fire it then shoot enemies.

Overall, it really feels like a meh pack for collectors.

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