Aliens: Colonial Marines SHARP Sticks DLC Steam Review

In a game that already has a variety of shotguns, pistols, pulse and assault rifles, what weapon can stand out from the pack? A sticky bomb launcher named SHARP sticks. It is a fresh game changer that is fun to use. You pull the trigger and it launches a red glowing bomb that sticks to anything.

After a few seconds the bomb detonates. Like a grenade, everything in the radius takes damage including yourself. If something living touches it (except yourself), then it will explode with no wait! So its obviously not a close range weapon. There is no alt fire. It is powerful in single player and I’d say slightly balanced in multi player. Since it glows red and pulsates, everyone can see where it is.

By default you just get the weapon in your arsenal. You won’t get to use them in the Stasis interrupted DLC. It has a clip of 10 which seems like it might be 6 too much. Ammo is everywhere and you’ll rarely run out. Its not just a one shot and wait weapon. You can shoot several out at a time. The game seems to slow down when you fire one. Maybe its the arc trajectory on the PC?

The weapon feels time saver. Why flank around enemies to shoot them behind cover when you can shoot next to enemy cover?

The only downside is that its difficult to shoot through railings. It always seems to stick instead of going through. Overall, a fun addition.

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