Legendary Steam Review

Legendary is a horror action first person shooter in the fashion of Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life 2. Horror as in blood and gory, but not scary, its action first. You have unlocked Pandora’s Box, and you’ll have to fight mythological creatures to present day New York City and London. You’ll fight flying griffins, charging minotaurs, sneaky werewolves, and yes someone released the Kraken. The thing that stands out about the game are the fights. Not just you fighting the enemies, but your allies fighting a hostile faction and enemies attacking everything living. It all adds to a level of strategy. Do you shoot open the lock to a werewolf’s cage and have it attack your enemies? Do you flank your enemies while your allies keep them occupied or throw a grenade? One enemy can attack another and light it on fire. Combat isn’t scripted. Your allies will die and that’s okay. You can leave them, you’re not chained to them, but they do help you.

The game has brief cut scenes, THAT ARE NOT SKIPABLE. Some of the cut scenes are like an advanced slide show with beautiful art and voice overs. I’d rather see that when interluding between things. There is humor here and there. About once every two hours without being in your face. The game will tell you where to go, what to do with voice overs, because that’s what first person shooters do. Thankfully this one says use the rocket launcher against that griffin instead of hold that button, to lock on the griffin, then press that button to fire the rocket. So it keeps me in game. What doesn’t keep me in game is the loading screen when I died. I died a lot on medium difficulty when it came to the bosses. I’d say more than other similar first person shooters. There is no easy health. No health kits, no regenerating health at least on medium difficulty. Things will crush you, such as the Kraken’s giant purple tentacles. You need to stay sharp and look up.

When you start the game, you’re given incredible hand powers to do three things. You can absorb what I’ll call “souls” from dead creatures. Absorbing souls takes time and you need to hold down the button, but if there are 3 souls in 1 area it only needs to be done once to absorb all souls. With these souls you can either hold the same hand button to heal yourself or double press it to send out a wave that stuns enemies. Other than that the weapons are pretty basic, you have a pistol (which I never used), shotgun, machine gun, assault rifle, heavy machine gun, flame thrower for giant swarming blood ticks and rocket launcher. Every weapon has ‘iron sights.’ The rocket launcher will lock on a target, no matter where they move, the rocket will follow. The hidden gem here is the fire axe. With it you can break the arms of werewolves so they can’t attack you. However, it makes a glitchy sort of dangling arm since its broken, not severed. You also have detonation grenades and molotov cocktails that start enemies on fire. With all that said, you can carry two guns at a time, in addition to both kinds of throwables and your fire axe.

This is more of a spectacle first person shooter. A towering golem made of junk will walk through Times Square, Big Ben will get obliterated. What there won’t be is any sort of exploration. This isn’t Quake or Doom. Legendary only has winding maps with short deviations. Things like shoot this object to open a path and hold a button to flip a switch. There are challenges like hold this point for X amount of time. Kill werewolves and absorb their souls and use that to charge EMPs or generators. Kill the giant bosses. Rocket kill griffins. Its all engaging fun, even if you won’t get lost. The game even has a waypoint button to see where to go, but I never use it.

The enemies each feel unique. Drakes will pop out of fire, roll around and then either spit lava balls from a distance or spew massive amounts of fire like a dragon. You can use water to extinguish them. Werewolves feel like the most typical creature. They will climb up walls to attack from different angles. They have a standard melee, but they’ll also throw objects like barrels and stones. If you attack their head, they’ll block and they’ll jump around. Once they’re down you need to behead them or they’ll come back. The hairless werewolves are easy enough, but the hairy ones are tougher. The navi are little ghost sprite imp things. In their ghost form you can’t hurt them, but they will inhabit objects to attack. Either they’ll throw objects or posses vending machines that will shoot cans at you. Minataurs and Griffins will smash an entire area to kill things. They’ll go through pillars, walls, bookshelves and anything else. You are not safe. They will always find and kill. The only difference between them is one flies and screams, the other gets stunned after charging. Other than that, the main non boss creature is a tentacle. Green tentacles will attack from water and try to pull you to your instant death. Kill it before you die. If that wasn’t enough there are typical soldiers to fight, just as you have your allies. They shoot guns and throw grenades your way when you stay out of sight. Its easy enough to headshot them if you’re not using a shotgun. Their aim is too good if you’re not hiding behind something. Plus since you don’t get to take their soul when they’re dead, there’s no health from them either. There are cool armored flame throwing soldiers. It adds nice tension seeing them just walk at you making a wall of flame.

A nice twist to the game is there are also creature controllers. You can use your soul energy to temporarily charge it and the creatures won’t come after you. The game will respawn creatures at times (but not soldiers). Even if you’ve killed 100 werewolves in the same spot. If you stand there, more werewolves will come. So you need to move on. It’ll only waste your ammo, but you have an excessive amount of it.

I feel like the game has good intelligence. Soldiers will move back into cover when I flank them. Werewolves will flank to attack, even if some run straight up to you. However, the game’s maps don’t make good use of that intelligence until later maps. Most maps are just straight forward with cover and no flanking opportunity. Later maps have flank opportunities while your allies occupy enemies.

The game looks great and there are a variety of atmospheric environments. New York City streets with cars everywhere, ancient ruins, a graveyard, sewers, subways and parliament libraries. but it feels like it has a fog or a haze over it. Even bright green things have a layer of gray. Maybe its gamma correction? Sometimes objects and characters have a white glowing hue. The fire and water look great. Enemies catch fire and dynamically light the area if not spread the fire. Water is everywhere in the game. You’ll be trudging through sewers, walls will have water slicking down them and of course broken pipes. You can’t run or jump while in water, although there was one time where I felt like I could. Maybe the water wasn’t deep enough. Speaking of jump, its the most hilariously pathetic jump I’ve experienced. Yet while holding run and jump suddenly you shoot forward. I blame the Unreal engine. Even with all the water, you won’t be swimming or anything other than walking and shooting.

Overall, the game has silly glitches. Dead werewolves get stuck in the ground. Bullets can hit invisible walls when on staircases. Soldiers have incredible aim. Health is tough to come by. Ammo is too plentiful. I never ran out unless it was rockets. No saving, just check pointing. People in the forum and elsewhere complain about game breaking glitches, but I never ran into any. The graphics look foggy yet great. The cut scenes are unskipable. It has an air of AAA yet not AAA. Yet after all that, I still enjoy the game because of its enemies and their interactions. The game has been on sale for 50 cents before. Take a chance. Even if its to say LOLz Call of Duty with mythology.

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