Eversion Steam Review

Eversion is a simple, basic 2D side scrolling platformer. The only twist being that you have the ability to shift environments (eversions). You can shift from six different eversions: deception, erosion, desolation, apprehension, confusion and commotion. Every shift will change colors and backgrounds. The shifts will also turn bushes from leafy, to dead so you can pass through them and into deadly thorn bushes. Some enemies into stone and brick platforms into crumbling blocks. You cannot just shift on a whim, you need to find the invisible area you’re supposed to stand in and then shift eversions. When you press the eversion button, if you’re close enough to the correct invisible spot, you’ll see a ring around it for a brief time. If you’re stuck, that usually means you need to backtrack and find the invisible spot.


The gameplay is simple. Like Mario you can destroy bricks by jumping into them and make a gem appear out of blocks by jumping into special ones. Eventually, you will get to see this magical kingdom for what it is. Horrifying, dark and grim. At some point, enemies will spurt bright red blood partially obscuring the screen. Although some might boast this as a horror game, there’s nothing really horrific. I was too busy laughing at the giant hands that comically shoot up from death pits. Its too bright and simple of an art style to really be horrific.

There are no power ups. Every hit is instant death, but that’s okay because there are no lives. You just respawn at the start of the level or the last checkpoint. The game boasts 8 worlds, but really these worlds are just 8 levels. A world to me feels like it should be more than a level. I was able to breeze through the game in half an hour and that’s even looking for invisible eversion points. At the end of each level you hop on a ground flag. There are no bosses, in fact there really only seems to be three enemy types in the game. Monkey claw, goomba and some sort of stone beetle.

Upon completing the game, it just crashed back to the desktop. The only replay value is going back to collect all 240 gems to get better endings that reference better properties. Once you get a gem, it the game considers collected, even if you die on the same run, that gem will not be there. Not having any consequence of death makes things way too easy. This is a quick diversion without any challenge. The forum is full of people giving away 66% off coupons and others talking about how the game is free.

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