The 7th Guest Steam Review

The 7th Guest is one of the original PC classics from back from 1993. You’ll get to explore the full 3D rendered mansion and see the full motion video that made this game so famous at the time. The game is a no pressure, point and click puzzle game that puts you in a kooky haunted house full of human spirits from the 1930s. I can’t call them ghosts, so much as spirits, they aren’t scary or spooky so much as eccentric.


Each room in the mansion has its own puzzle to solve. There is a good variety of puzzles here, you won’t face the same one twice. Some puzzles are self explanatory such as a sliding tile puzzle, a word jumble on a quilt and a maze where you need to flip doors to get to the end. Others are less obvious, such as arranging cans to spell words where the only vowel is Y. Some are just tedious because of the point and click controls, coupled with voice overs. The voices will give you hints and a villain will taunt you, but each time a voice says something, it will halt the game, killing the pace. If you get stumped on a puzzle, there is a library with a hint book.

As you navigate the mansion, you’ll see things in first person perspective. To turn around, you need only click the side of the screen. There is no slight turning, when you turn, the camera will turn completely around and look at what the game wants to. In a room, you need to hover your mouse cursor until it changes to let you know that you can do something or walk forward. Some doors you can enter, other doors you can’t with no sign that you need a key or anything like that. Instead, you need to assume that solving puzzles will unlock doors to new areas. The game won’t hold your hand or tell you anything more than a hint in a puzzle. If you see that as a positive, this might be a game for you.

There game is forgiving. There is no sort of game over. It all just keeps going. If you get stumped on a puzzle, you can restart it. Nothing will kill you. You just keep going. The only real downer is time wasted going the wrong direction or having to listen to voice overs over and over again. You won’t find a map except for the basement maze. You can’t get lost… except for in the basement maze, where everything is a grey brick wall.

The game takes its time. Just getting from place to place seems like a chore since movement is so slow even on my modern PC. Hearing voice overs will stop the game and there are plenty of cut scenes full of absurd dialog about their past sins. There are nice touches to the game such as a skull face or hands trying to reach through a painting.

If you’re in the mood for 1993 nostalgia, midi loops and puzzles, this game is for you. The game is a part of history.

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