Five Nights at Freddy’s Steam Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a first person scare game that puts you in the position of a night watchman forced to stay alive five nights in danger of animatronic plush characters walking around. Your job is to survive from midnight to 6 AM.Its not a horrifying game, but the scares are done through the building tension of knowing the animatronics are out to get you and seeing where they are.

The gameplay is simple, you are literally stuck in your one screen office, you can look left and right, when you point your mouse down, a series of monitor comes up that lets you look at one camera at a time. You click each camera individually and you’ll see areas of the pizza place and where the animatronics are.

There are two blind spots and those are directly to the left and right of your office, so there are two buttons. One button is for light to check what’s directly outside your door. The other is the door button for when something is right outside your door! You have a door and a light on each side. You can’t see both doors at the same time, which can result in jump scares.

So why not just lock the doors and giggle at the fluffies trying to get in? The challenge to this game is that each night starts you at 100% power. Every moment drains your power slowly, every time you look at the monitor drains your power. When you turn on a light, that is more power too. Plus, the doors are magnetic, so using them really drains your power. Once you are out of power, everything turns dark and well its virtually game over.

As the nights go on, there will be different animatronic characters you will be warned about. You will get phone calls at the start of every night explaining things. How certain animatronics will act, such as the fox will run at you if you don’t check your cameras.

For $5 it is a good diversion, even if the game is pretty dumb feature wise. New game or continue. No options, but at least you get to continue at the day you failed. A big plus is that the same night can still feel different. So there is a lot of replay, but keep in mind it is a quick game that is one screen with cameras in rooms. I bought it in a $2 bundle, you can too.

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