My Week in Games [8/29/2014 – 9/5/2014] You Have to Win the Game, Volgarr the Viking, Realm of the Mad God, Daikatana

HIGHS AND LOWS [8/29/2014 – 9/5/2014]
There were four major games that occupied my time this week, Daikatana, Realm of the Mad God, Dead Space 2, Vulgarr the Viking and You Have to Win the Game.

The lowest point of the week was pushing through Daikatana. Finishing up episode 1 and breezing through episode 2. Both episodes were bad for different reasons. One AI partner was fine, but having two was abysmal. It was a chore getting them anywhere together. I had to complete levels without them, then go back and retrieve them because it was too painful bringing them with and having a game over and doing it all over again. The second episode was was super easy and straight forward with a long range unstopable weapon against what was 90% melee enemies. Nothing could touch me. There were also battles against Mother Brain and Medusa.

The other low point I sank a lot of time into Realm of the Mad God and it just feels like such a hollow, simple game. It is a top down mouse aim shooter, but not dual stick since there is no controller. The game is full of micro transactions. Is it fun? No not really. Do the micro transactions make it more fun. Nope. When I get into a server its full of people trying to sell their gold (Microtransaction currency). So its one of those games that people outside the US can make a living. They trade and sell gold so you don’t have to pay the game for it.

I have been playing this for a few weeks when its really late and I’m about 6 weeks in. Thankfully the game just seems easier and less of a chore to play. I wanted to keep playing, but daylight came to quickly. The only real point I was stuck on was a segment that traps you between beams and explodes when enemies cross the beams. Then I discovered the trick. Move the explosive barrels. It was also interesting playing a mainframe level in Dead Space 2 versus a mainframe level for Daikatana. The latter had a half ass level just thrown together with Mother Brain. It was a sort of puzzle without feeling like a puzzle. Dead Space 2 had a puzzle that felt like a puzzle and I welcomed it.

I sank 8 hours into Vulgarr the Viking. Every full level took me 2 hours to complete. It was a painful challenge, but I was engaged. I got to the point of speed running efficiency. Its one of those games that once you know what to do and where to stand you can breeze through it. The problem is the checkpoints are few and far between.

The most enjoyment that I had was playing ‘You have to Win the Game,’ a 2D free to play Metroidvania platformer that took an hour to complete and 3 more hours to get 100%. It was very similar to VVVVV but easy and cheaper.Reading reviews, the people called it a rage platformer. Its odd that VVVVV has so many positive reviews, but ‘You Have to Win the Game,’ people are complaining about how difficult it is. Maybe a different crowd purchases a game.

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