Realm of the Mad God Steam Review

Realm of the Mad God is a top down free to play MMO mouse aim shooter with a simple art style. It has been around for a few years as a Flash game. You start the game easy enough, by selecting from unlocked classes such as rogue, warrior, priest, archer and so on. Each class plays the same, you fire projectiles. Have a sword? You shoot projectiles. The only difference between the classes are the stats and the equipment they can use. You can unlock more classes when you reach certain levels with the base classes. Each enemy gives you some minimal experience and leveling up will only improve your stats. There are no new spells and no choice of improvement. It all feels very dull and too simple for a MMO.

The controls are like every other mouse aim shooter, arrows to move with mouse aim and click to shoot. You have a special ability and potions too, but for the most part you can just use your normal attacks. Speaking of the mouse aim, it feels very inaccurate. I can stand still, fire the projectile and the projectile will miss even when I shouldn’t. Maybe there is an accuracy stat or something. It feels odd when enemies very accurate. Luckily you are quick enough to dodge projectiles. Again, maybe its a stat and I need to have better gear, but there is nothing on the equipment that shows accuracy, just range and attack power.

There are a lot of enemies, each with different stats and attack patterns. For the most part they have enemies simply shoot at you. Most have single shots, others have double and triple spreading shots. Still some fire a sort of 360 degree bullet shield preventing anything from getting close. The bosses aren’t that different from normal enemies. They just have larger sprites with other creatures swarmed around them.

There are quests in the game, but I mean that in the vaguest sense of the word. All quests seem to be kill the big monster. No one tells you to. You just do it. The game points out the direction of the big monster when you enter the location.

The maps feel a bit jumbled randomly with trees and foliage with a path drawn through the map. It just feels like lazy or quick map design and not ‘randomly generated.’ Some enemies will drop portals to different areas which is a fun feature, but since the areas look just thrown together its always just another randomly thrown together area. You have a mini map that will reveal more as you explore, but if you leave an area and return, you need to explore it again to show it on your mini map. At any time out in the wilderness, you can instantly warp back to the town / nexus with the click of a button.

The locations might look like a jumbled mess, but the town / nexus looks great, but its all just a big store to sell you stuff. All of the stores have items visibly showing you everything so you need to walk over them instead of having an easy to use menu. Another problem is to see the stats of the item you need to hover your mouse over the ‘buy it’ button. Don’t accidentally click that button though. You cannot sell equipment, so you’re forced to drop it or trade it with other players, but for the most part the equipment feels useless when enemies drop it all. Plus players are kind enough to just give stuff for free since everything is so abundant.

Normal games would have you kill enemies for gold, but in Realm of the Mad God, you need to buy gold with real money of course. Everything is right there in town / nexus for you to buy after a brief tutorial area. What do you buy with gold? Name changes, more characters, armor, weapons, rings, boxes with random items, keys, pets, extra storage, building materials and everything. Did I mention that when you die you lose all progress and items? So if you spend real life money into a free game and you die, you’ve just lost everything. Do you need gold to have fun? No. The town / nexus has plenty of people selling gold via their website for real money and it floods the chat for some servers drowning out any real discussion.

This feels like a really dull game that is out for your money. Not just that, but it seems hastily thrown together. The quick simple art style, the slow grind for experience, the awful map design, no real quests, the laggy input, and the inaccurate aiming, all makes me not want to be in the game let alone buy anything in the game with real money.

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