My Week in Games [8/16/2014 – 8/22/2014] Evoland, Dead Space 2, Quake, Expendibros, Just Cause 2

[8/16/2014 – 8/22/2014]
I put in some time with a lot of different games this week. I faced a challenge, overcame a few stumps. Here it is, my week in games: Evoland, Just Cause 2, Daikatana, Expendibros, Dead Space 2 and Quake 1.

I was basically challenged to replay Evoland and I did. Sadly, the second playthrough wasn’t as fun and the first time wasn’t that fun. The game has glimmers of fun, but then it will switch styles or gameplay and the fun will drop off a cliff. If only the game could pick a gameplay style and stick with it. The game is just so shallow. I ended up achievement hunting so I never have to play the game again.

Since I finished a third person shooter, I started up a new one. I’ve started to play Just Cause so many times now and I can’t seem to get into it more than two days every year. The game is fun, but it just seems pointless. What’s the point? Destroy and find things. Get lost, explore. That’s fun, but maybe there is just too much of it? Destroying a base took far too much time.

I’ve been playing Daikatana a few weeks now. Its a long chore playing it. The game just isn’t that fun and the more I continue, the more I find different issues. This weeks issues were the weapons and doorway fighting. I had to fight so many enemies from room to room. I’d open a door and there would be enemies all facing me and I’d have to clear them out while standing in a doorway. So I was bottle necked. Not just that but its all on walkways over death pits. Enemies will pause the game when they shoot at you, which seems odd to have a 15 year old game pause itself to analyze where you are and then shoot.

I only play Dead Space 2 late at night, and it just seems unenjoyable. The only parts that I really get stuck on are enemy rooms. Places that lock you in and flood enemies in with you. So I end up turtling and relying on my reflexes to kill them. The problem is that you can’t really turtle when there are vents everywhere. I don’t remember this being a problem with Dead Space 1, but I do remember people complaining about Doom 3 having enemies that come from behind you.

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and I spent an hour or two on a single level. I beat that level and it was still really enjoyable to play, even if it took me countless times. The problem felt like it was that I couldn’t mouse aim up and down. Well I found the key to hold that allows mouse aim. Suddenly it became a lot easier, while still offering challenge.

Since I spent a lot of time the previous week in Expendibros, I gave the game a try on hard. It was still a lot of fun, but it wasn’t as quick and simple. The game is still probably my game of the year.

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