My Week in Games [8/9/2014 – 8/15/2014] Depression Quest, Spec Ops: The Line, Dear Esther, Hero Siege, Team Fortress 2, Daikatana, Quake 1, A New Reckoning

[8/9/2014 – 8/15/2014]
I managed to fit in a lot of games, because I finished up Spec Ops: The Line, and it was just a lot of filler this week.

Well its a buzzing free to play game, so I played it. The game was made of html and exactly the same as their website. Its not much of a game and wasn’t fun. Speed running can get you through in 10 seconds. There are supposedly different endings, but I just didn’t care enough about the characters or the games. This is one of those games that people review the developer, not the game.

The game sucks, I’m pretty much the beta tester for it. The game isn’t getting any better. The mechanics are so simple and shallow. There’s nothing going on with this game, just more levels. I’m not sure how long I keep going on as a beta tester.

Well I played it because I had an hour to kill. I was higher on the game the first playthrough, but the problem with the second playthrough is that I bothered to explore and everything was the same. The dialog seemed to be all the same and triggered  in areas close to where they were triggered with my first playthrough. I had heard that its randomizes. It sure didn’t feel randomized. The weather and day and night weren’t randomized either.

When I first played the game, I put a lot of time in it, and the game has continued developing since then. It has come a long way and its nice to see it progress, but it has yet to capture those first few hours to play. When it was fresh it was fantastic, but now I feel like I’ve experienced it all without completing the game. In fact its a grind of a game and takes leveling up to get anywhere. I just don’t have the time or desire to get to the end of the game or even to get to the second land like I had done before.

I keep trying with this game, but it feels like I get lost in the ‘what do I do now?’ So I end up wasting 30 minutes figuring out what to do. A level takes an hour or two to complete just from not knowing. I can’t say its fun. Not fun, but its a legendary game that I feel obligated to keep going. I also began to realize that someone must have played Half Life 1 and said hey we should make the player go through a giant complex!

QUAKE 1Because I’ve been going through Daikatana, I felt a need to revisit where its engine came from, Quake 1. The game is just a joy to play. Fast paced, good map design with a lot of variety, good enemy diversity that doesn’t make me laugh at it, fun weapons that don’t have a way to kill you. I breezed through the first episode into the second until I hit a roadblock.

I finished up Spec Ops: The Line for the first time after starting it, getting far and not completing it on PS3. Great game, great story and I hate story. After finishing it up, I got the achievements so I never have to play the game again. In fact I had to virtually replay it a second time for those achievements and it was still a lot of fun. At least on easy it was fun, maybe playing again on normal would not have been as much fun dying.

I had a night of expert Mann vs Machine with some friends. The MVM servers were down so we ended up doing some custom maps, Wave 666, Sludge, Maelstrom (or something like that) and Badlands MVM. It was a lot of fun, but when you’ve spent so much time in TF2, it just felt like I was wasting time when I could be completing Dead Space 2 or something like that.

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