A New Reckoning / Time Ramesside Steam Review

Time Ramesside (A New Reckoning) is a horror based FPS that leans more toward the action element. The game has changed radically from version to version. Entire levels taken out, improvements added. Chances are this review might not reflect the current iteration of the game. Heck the name of the game has even changed from A New Reckoning. The music is upbeat, rather than atmospheric and you’ll mow down zombies and giant insects with big weapons. It has a single player and a horde mode that spawns in waves of enemies. At least there WAS a horde mode. The game is very inconsistent what it has in it from update to update.

Well the screen shots and videos all look like this game has promise, but actually playing the game is full of bugs. Bugs such as every enemy going boneless when it dies and glitching out on the floor. Not just some enemies but all of them. Errors like the intro cinematic characters staying on screen when you’re able to play, the gamma correction working, until you save the settings. Other errors such as saving settings to be low quality, and yet when you go out of the game and return to the game it still says low quality, but they are high. I can jump through the ceilings. There are spelling and grammar errors everywhere, including developer responses in the forum.

The single player is marred by uninteresting level design. I have suffered through a lot of levels in this game. Levels that get taken out entirely. Outdoor levels with floating objects. Indoor levels that are completely black and you clip through walls to fall through the level. I report the bugs and the developer fixes them. I can’t recommend anyone else doing it, but for some of us the challenge is finding the game bugs and reporting them.

The developer seems extremely receptive and quick at fixing the game’s numerous bugs with daily updates. I post a laundry of bugs and issues in the forum and the easier issues get instantly fixed. Some of the bugs make me wonder if the developer even played the game, but its obvious from his videos that he played the game. There are glaring visual errors such as lights that are on, but not illuminating anything, Zombies are missing animations and returning to their default pose and they float. When the player takes damage, there is no damage sound or indicator you’re being injured other than a drop of health.

Despite all of the errors, they are still forgivable in early access. There is nothing that has crashed the game for me. I think the bottom line is that the game just isn’t fun to play at this point. The gunplay and game mechanics are very shallow. You can get 3 guns, each has an aim down sights instead of an alt fire. You have a jump and sprint buttons, but really, that’s it. There’s not much here right now. There is little ammo, one update managed to forget the ammo. It just doesn’t evoke fun or horror.

Supposedly the developer has brought in more programmers, a modeler and an animator to work on the game. So that’s a good thing, but will it happen? If the game gets better, by all means, I’ll update this review. I have had to update the review as levels change. I did have a lot of hope for this game, but after around a few months in, I just don’t see the game getting more fun than it is, just more levels that feel untested and hastily thrown together. No one else should endure the Early Access of this game right now.

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