Lyne Steam Review

This puzzle game is a surprising joy to play. Its really interesting and feels fresh from other games that I’ve played. What does it involve? Drawing lines… yep that easy. You have colored shapes, each set of colored shapes has 2 ‘cap’ shapes, where you can either start or end the colored line. So you start on a green box / triangle, then click and drag your mouse between the matching color shapes making lines. All shapes need to be connected and can only be connected to once. The lines can only go in eight directions from each shape. Its super easy. Then the game adds different colored shapes, so you’ve got green lines and red lines. So what’s the catch? You can’t cross the lines. So where’s the challenge? Eventually directional octagonal shapes get added, these are neutral blocks that you’re able to attach multiple lines on in 8 directions, no matter what color the line is, just as long as you don’t cross the lines. It starts with simple octagon blocks that need you to connect to them twice…. then three times and so on.

Can you lose? Nope. You have as much time as you want. You can’t fail, if you do the puzzle inaccurately it just has a little red line around the box you forgot. Then you keep going. If you screw up, just click one of the cap shapes to delete the lines or back track your lines by clicking and dragging backward to remove the line you just made. If you ever get truly stumped, you can back out of that puzzle and go to any one of the 25 other puzzles in the group. You’ll unlock a few groups at a time, so you’ll always have 75 puzzles to chose from. The game goes in succession, once you complete one puzzle its immediately to the next. There is a legitimate sense of satisfaction when I complete a puzzle that I was stumped on. Not just that, but eventually I found myself thinking of the dynamics of these puzzles and realizing where I should start first.

The game has 25 puzzles per group and groups A – Z. 25 * 26 levels = 650 levels. Is that not enough for you? Well then there are daily levels with 25 levels of A B C making for 75 daily levels. The daily levels are considerably more difficult than the default puzzles. Its a nice way to keep fresh content and keep people in the game.

If you don’t like puzzle games, avoid this. The first 50 levels are understandably easy, but they do get more challenging. It is a soothing game and the puzzles get complex, but still easy and simple.

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