Ittle Dew Steam Review

On the surface Ittle Dew looks like a Zelda clone. Playing as a blonde in a green tunic with a sword (or stick), stuck on an island with a flying friend and top down gameplay doesn’t help make it not look like a Zelda clone. That’s the flavor of the game. Is it Zelda? No, but it’ll do (Ittle Do). This game is slightly different than a Zelda clone because it is a push block puzzle game with a few enemies and deviations from push block puzzles.

There are a few items and you start with a stick that you can use to light on fire, then melt ice blocks, set off bombs and so on. Eventually you’ll move to a flaming sword to do what a flaming stick can, a magical teleportation wand that allows you to set a block, use the wand and have the enemy or object appear where you set the block. Finally, you’ll get an ice wand to freeze enemies, blocks, put out fire and even make walls reflect projectiles like your teleportation staff. You can tell a lot of work went into making the items as not just items to solve puzzles, but combat items as well. You can use the teleportation block to set a block under you, step off and if an enemy is on it, the enemy will fly off screen. You can set a block, push it onto spikes, then use the teleportation wand to teleport the enemy into the block on the spikes, killing them that way. Even though it is disguised as Zelda, I feel like the game could have been made in RPG Maker.

All of the items and weapons are bound to buttons on the X-Box controller which is nice, you can use everything at once without having to visit a menu. There are no deaths in this game, so much as there are room restarts. When you die, you just reset whatever room you were in with full health. Rooms including sections of the overworld map. There is no consequence, making it a very easy for kids game. Each room has a hint sign or two and if you need even more help, you can hit the left button to have your fluttering fox friend give you a hint. There is even a nice little map too showing you where treasures and doors are (unlocked and locked).

This is an enjoyable game even if its quick and simple when compared to Zelda. There is a good diverse array of enemies with different ways to take them out. The art style is charming, there is plenty of exploration and a slightly open world go where you want feel. The art style, happy nature, hints and ease of puzzles makes me feel this game is better for kids. Give it a go, its fun for a few brief hours until you complete it in one or two sittings. The game is so brief, there are achievements for beating it under 3 hours and completing it under 15 minutes.

Ittle Dew is a good stepping stone for this developer to make a grander Zelda like game.

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