Incredipede Steam Review

This is an awful non game, I’m lucky enough to have it on Android too. Each level you get a new creature to maneuver. A is to rotate limbs left, S is to rotate limbs right. The object of each one screen level is to cross a beam of light finish line. Between getting to the beam of light, you can collect a cherry or knock a green apple or square watermelon into the beam of light to collect it. Each level has a cherry or two if not a green apple or two. Each level takes a few seconds. Each world has a string of more than a dozen levels to complete in order. To enter the next world, you need to have obtained enough cherries, apples and square watermelon.


There’s not much of a game here. Somehow this is considered a puzzle game, because its puzzling to figure out how to move your creature? The puzzle here is to maneuver your creature. Have it crawl, roll, and do whatever you can to reach the finish line. That’s the game of it all. It just doesn’t seem like a puzzle so much as deliberately movement. It is like if you have a bucket crawl NOT ROLL to a finish line. Is that fun? Would rolling be easier? You don’t get to roll. Just crawl.

Maybe there are people just rolling over on the floor giggling over how odd these creatures are and their movement, but I think its sad. A one eye creature who’s life is so incredibly difficult that every movement to get from point A to B is such a challenge that its ‘a puzzle’. Imagine if a person just had a torso, head and an arm, crawling or swimming around.

Hard mode is still really easy, but the complexity is with that mode is you’ll get to customize your creature with limbs, arms and so on. Depending on what the level allows for. Most levels can be solved with any kind of creature without any real complexity. Tougher levels like those entirely over pits require you to use trial and error to make it through.

There is a sandbox mode to let you make your own creatures and even a level editor, but when the game just isn’t much fun, why bother?

This game is just not fun. Most all of the creatures have slow movement if its not overly complex to even get it to move by using the simple controls. On the plus side, it has a unique art style and it is a soothing game, like watching paint dry. I just feel that its not entertaining.

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