Bejeweled 3 Steam Review

Long before there was Candy Crush, there was Bejeweled. This is a simple, casual game with a grid that requires you to shift colored jewels and match them into lines of 3 – 5. You can only shift 2 jewels if it will result in a line of 3+ matching colors. Very easy game, but where this game blossoms is all of the mini games / variations of it. Dozens of modes, all centered around making lines. There is classic mode that has you going through levels making lines, lightning rush, which has a very limited time and you need to collect time ups to keep going, diamond mine, where you need to match lines near the bottom rock to destroy the rock and progress further down. Bejeweled poker which every line is like a hand gains you something similar to a card in poker. Butterfly mode has you making lines with jewel butterflies to keep them from reaching the top of the screen where it will be an end of game. There is also a never ending zen mode, which is just like classic only without levels that break the flow of what you have going. Finally, there is an ice breaker mode which forces you to keep up with rising and freezing water. Once a line gets frozen enough its game over.


In a way, I prefer Candy Crush, because they have focus on levels, rather than letting you free to pick modes to play. I just feel overwhelmed with all of the choices and just end up playing ‘classic’ mode for the most part. On a plus side, unlike Candy Crush, there are no micro transactions. You’ve bought the whole game and need to unlock the modes.

Bejeweled 3 has a level system that keeps track of all of your points throughout all of your games and a high score amongst your friends. That seems to be my real driving force to play the game, just to beat my friend’s high scores and since every time you play, you start with a random grid of jewels, its got something to do with luck as well as skill.

I can recommend the game, but I could recommend it more on the phone. I just feel there are better games I could be playing on my PC than something as simple as this. Tetris sold Gameboys, not Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

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