Eryi’s Action Steam Review

I own Eryi’s Action twice. Once on Desura and again on Steam, but if you think that makes it so good I’d buy it twice, no its so awful I’d buy it twice just to warn you all what a terrible 2D side scrolling torture platformer it is. Now for starters, I love 2D platformers and side scrollers. I love Mario, Super Meat Boy and I’ve even played hardcore platformers like “I wanna be the Guy.”

Eryi’s Action is a painful sort of difficult. Its a game based on memorization instead of skill. Each level forces you to remember where every obscure death trap is located. Its as if the developers read documents on how not to make a Mario level and used it to make this game. If an area looks like typical grass, you might think its safe to jump on, but that just means there could be spikes that jump out. Climb a ladder? Well that triggers spikes to fall on you. Try to hop on an enemy that 30 other enemies that look exactly the same…. it will hop into you, causing you to die. Think that platform is a platform? Nope you can’t walk on it and you go straight through.


Its all about remembering where the traps are and avoiding them. Its not fun. Deaths are constant, too constant to enjoy the game. The music is bad and repetitive, the death sound is like a cheese-grater on your nerves. You’ll die so much that the life counter will go into the negatives. That’s part of the joke. You don’t have lives, you have negative lives. It just keeps going. I think the real fun people are having is recommending it to unsuspecting shoppers.

Looking at Steam’s achievement page, its odd that so many people can love this game and review it so favorably when a mere 60% of people score the first achievement. You can tell how tough a game is by the drop off in achievement percentages. If you endure, you’ll memorize a level enough to get plenty of achievements in less than thirty minutes, but most people can’t even do that. Thirty percent of players have made it to the first goal flag. That should be staked as a warning for anyone that dares buy this game.

I didn’t find joy in Eryi’s Action on Desura and I couldn’t find any fun in it on Steam. This game tests your endurance. How much can you endure before you quit? I didn’t feel any sense of happiness or joy that I had finished a level. In fact completing a level means there are more traps even after you think you’re safe. When you complete a level you have no control over your character and no way to prevent falling into a death trap.

If you’re into memorization platformers, this game is for you, but I strongly recommend everyone avoid it. Even at a paltry $5, the risk is still to great that you won’t enjoy it. Unless you need material for Youtube.

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