3079 Steam Review

I was sold from the video, it looks great. Minecraft with guns and a grappling hook! Like Just Cause 2 in Minecraft. What’s not to love?

It is like Minecraft with guns made in Java. Before the developer was done with this game, he was already hyping up the sequel. This is great for a first time developer. It is a simple Minecraft with guns. The guns work well enough, the enemies are giant and easy to hit. When you die, that’s it. You crash back to the launcher. Speaking of the launcher, that’s the only way to adjust the settings. Including controls. This is probably the 2nd worst button configuration I’ve ever seen. You select what the key does, then you find the key from a drop down list. When you set a key, chances are it unsets another key that has nothing to do with the key you just set. Such as if I set something to use the ‘Right Key’ then I set something to the ‘Enter Key’ it will set the previous ‘Right Key’ to the ‘F2 Key.’ Huh? Again, this is clearly someone’s first game.

With all that being said, the game generates a random world and yet always starts you suspended high above the ground in orbit, suspended. When you find out the gravity button to drop you from the sky you might die on impact. It is quite unforgiving. If you survive the fall through the use of the gravity button, you’re immediately in hostile territory. Sometimes the floating red monsters will murder you before you even land. From the start, the guns are underpowered. When you run out of ammo, you start losing health when you shoot. An understanding of enemy levels would have been nice, such as a beginner enemy should take one or two bullets. Then as you progress they take more bullets and then you find better guns or upgrade so they take less bullets.

The only redeeming factor about this game is multi-player, but really, if you’re playing with friends any game will be fun, because you and your friends will always have fun. That’s why they’re your friends.

There are far better FPS games, which this is a FPS. I can’t even call it Minecraft, since there’s not much crafting or world craftability as there is with Minecraft. I just can’t recommend this game. It is also very telling when a game took so long to be Greenlit.

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