Scribblenauts Unlimited Steam Review

I highly recommend this fun for all ages kinda game. It is like mad libs come to life. You wander around what is basically a 2D open world mad libbing people’s issues. Issues like I need something to scare away crows…. well just spawn a zombie or a scarecrow, or an angry hunter, or a gun to do it yourself! There’s a lot of unintentional yet intentional fun here. Spawning a zombie to solve one puzzle might chase away other NPCs. Unless you add the adjective, friendly zombie. Its really the interactivity with the world that makes the game such silly fun. Did your zombie make a fire? Well have a firefighter put out that fire. Its a silly fun game that I can imagine would be great for kids. Simple controls that really thrive with a keyboard when you’re typing things like ‘pretty pink princess.’ There are good area settings too, everywhere from standard city areas like hospitals and a fire station, to more creative areas like Jurassic Park, a haunted house and a castle. Overall, the game is pretty easy. Easy enough that anyone can see it through to the end.


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