No More Room in Hell Steam Review

This is a slow, terrible and cumbersome first person shooter mod for Half Life 2 that feels like a hardcore version of Left 4 Dead. Your multiplayer co-op party needs to carry out objectives in maps and mostly just stay alive. Its pretty easy to stay alive and not die, but its difficult to do anything else. First of all, the game is pretty slow. I mean the animations of your character are slow. When you switch to a flash light, it is always off to start with, then you need to turn it on…. WITH BOTH HANDS! Watch as your character slowly turns on a flashlight with his left hand while holding it with his right. Then there’s the inventory system that has a good use of space management. The catch is that you really can’t hold all that much. Your ammo takes up space, which is logical, its just I can’t imagine when it comes down to carrying a sledge hammer, flashlight and a rifle that you can’t carry all three at once.

You walk pretty slow (there is a sprint button), which is okay, but you swing pretty slow and the zombies shuffle their way toward you. Oh and when you get bitten, its like a poison that will slowly drain your health until you’re dead. Once you’re dead, your character becomes a zombie while you spectate as a ghost. Reloading takes quite a while, but maybe other video games have spoiled me into reloading fast when the reality is that it takes a while.

Carrying things is a chore, don’t drop a key next to a door, because you’ll never be able to pinpoint the key on the ground from the door. Maps have invisible walls preventing exploration, even when it looks like there is exploration.

Another downside is, this isn’t really a campaign, its just more of a series of multi player co-op maps. Left 4 Dead is just better. There’s a reason why this took 2 years to make it to Steam. Its just a cumbersome game and maybe that adds to the survival horror aspect, but eh its not for me. This isn’t an action game, its a slow beast walking toward you when you can’t reload your rifle fast enough.

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