Offspring Fling! Steam Review

100 levels of platforming and baby throwing of cuteness. You play as a mother Pikachu thing that needs to get her babies out the door and then get out herself. To do this, you can pick them up, throw them to the left or right, jump, hit switches and so on. You can even put them down on switches or on door blocks so when you hit the switch, the door holds open. When thrown, the babies go across the screen until they hit something then they fall. That lets them be used to hit triggers from far away. When carrying a baby, you can’t jump as high, nor can you fit through small gaps as you normally can when not carrying them. If one baby doesn’t make it, then you merely restart the level with the quick restart button.


Even if the music and art style weren’t top notch, this would be a great puzzle game. Most every level is only a single screen and you will blow through 40+ levels before you reach a real challenge. Not every level is meant to be a challenge though. Some are very simple to show new techniques and others are just fun in general. Each completed level unlocks others, but you can go in order and just keep playing the next level. It adds to the flow of the game. The levels are quick, simple, engaging and rewarding; all with a dose of adorability. Each level has a par time and keeps track of your best time. In fact the game shows you your ghost when you replay levels that you have completed.

Eventually, throwable rocks, adorable enemies, breakable blocks, crayon colored deadly traps and angled trampolines that change thrown baby directions get added to the mix. Throwing your babies into the adorable enemies is a way to stun them. Its a good way to keep amping up the challenge and diversity between level to level. Remember baby, mama loves you, no matter how much she throws you against the wall or into the face of a giant lizard.

This game goes by quick, and to pad it out, there is a level editor, along with the ability to download countless other levels made by other users. There’s a lot of engaging fun here, but it all goes by so quick and virtually effortless that it feels like there’s no reason to come back. 5 minutes of play can complete 10 levels.

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