Eryi’s Action Desura Review

Eryi’s Action is a Japanese 2D side scrolling torture platformer that can truck itself, because its a memory death trap style game. Wow I hate this game. Its a trial and error sort of thing that feels like a waste of my time. Its designed to be unfair and go against your instincts, such as see that pit? Think you need to jump over it? That only causes something to fall on you. You’ll need to remember everything to make it through these sadistic levels wrapped in a beautiful anime art design.


You’ll have five lives to complete the entire game, but the game is in on the joke, because as you die hundreds of times, your lives will dip into the negative numbers. So there are infinite lives if you die enough times. It could be worse; there could have been continues that force you to start over. One of the only credits that I’ll give this game is that there are checkpoints every so often. Replaying an entire long level would be far too daunting of a task.

The game has a clean cartoon art style that looks beautiful. Its a cutesy sort of adorable that can draw people in to play it before it whacks them over the head with a falling ceiling or other trap that you didn’t see coming. Eriyi’s Action just doesn’t feel fun and that’s why I play games to be entertained and not frustrated by a game that gleefully torments players because it can’t make a fun game. This is the sort of thing you make people to play to laugh at them. Playing it by yourself just isn’t enjoyable unless you have a Youtube channel that needs hits.

There is good level design and then there’s the bad sort of level design that Eryi’s Action employs, such as having enemies pop up out of no where, causing the player to remember where the enemy spawned on top of you so you can jump over it next time. For people that have played fan made Mario levels the level design is comparative to the worst of those levels.

As I said earlier, its nothing but death traps. Some people might be into blind death traps like running across a lawn makes spikes pop up, unless you remember to jump over it, but I can’t call this fun. Its more like a challenge for masochistic sake, especially when the plot is that your cake has been stolen (better than a princess being kidnapped). You then hit a block, expect a bomb to come out, then find a door… but don’t expect to go in it. The collision detection is also terrible.

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