Game Dev Tycoon Steam Review

A mostly text based time sink that would be great if it wasn’t so mindless. You make games based on design and technical ability. You pick a genre, game type, platform, engine, and target audience. Then as time progresses you go through 3 phases of development. Each of the 3 phases have 3 areas you can have your developers put their time into. Every game type requires specific things from a developer. This is where the game gets mindless. Even though you can’t make 2 games back to back of the same genre, you can have the same game type FOREVER. You can just make RPGs… and switch game genres from Sci-Fi to Dungeon or Medieval. The game lasts 35 years so its literally 35 years of just coming out with the same game. Between games you can train your developers, research things to help with your game engines or take on contract work for some extra money…. unless you fail.

Another giant issue I have with the game is there is no real randomization. Nintendo will always win the early video game wars, Game Boy will always stick around for far too long, and RPGs geared for young players will always dominate. oh and another giant issue is when you start out, you don’t have a team of developers, you are just the only developer and ALWAYS at around year 4 you’ll have a hit game that will thrust you into having a game studio.

Even though I’ve played through the game a few times for my love of management games. I always dominate the RPG portable market. I don’t feel any sort of need to make anything else. Usually once the office gets larger, the game just gets boring. I’d love it if there was a randomization to ensure something makes each play through unique.

It is also interesting that on my laptop I had Game Dev Tycoon before it was on Steam and it worked. But with Steam the game doesn’t work on my laptop. It works on my other two computers. Oh well.

In all I think people will love running their own game development studio, but in the end, this feels like a very hollow game. It has nice sounds and bubbles that move around making you feel good to see them flow up to the top. Its a nice touch for what is otherwise a static game with no movement, just menus.

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