X-Blades Steam Review

The game might look good at times, but there’s just not much to see here. Aumi looks out of place. She’s a tomb raider straight out of a Japanese anime with a clueless bubblegum personality that its difficult to get behind. Which is a funny thing to say considering its her tush you’ll be looking at for 99% of the game. Its just out there… always.

The core of this game is combat with bad controls. You have your typical run, jump, guns, slash and magic to combat hordes of enemies. You get a rage meter that fills up so you can use magic and you get a lock on system that has difficulty locking on. The camera is pretty poor cumbersome and I’d prefer if it followed you instead of being required to swing it around everywhere you go. The protagonist Aumi can run at incredible speeds, but when she jumps she virtually stops and just jumps straight up. But there is a nifty double jump that seems useless when coupled with the poor camera.

The enemies are excessive, the boss fights are just hordes of enemies with no end in sight. Each boss has an energy bar made of steel. The game really boils down to slash until you’re surrounded by enemies. You’ve done so much slashing that its time to use earthquake to kill everything around you. Rinse and repeat. Sure there are some enemies that require specific magic or skills to kill, but its just not enough compared to enemy swarms.

The game feels rushed, but I think the game devs know that you’ve done this all before with better games, so they flood you with it. Please skip this game, there are better games out there like Devil May Cry. Hopefully they’ll perfect the combat and controls and come back with a better game.

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