Abobo’s Big Adventure 2013 PC Review

Abobo’s Big Adventure is an over the top funny parody game with a lot of game play variety. Each level is different and molds itself to the old school NES classics like Contra, Double Dragon, Zelda, Mega Man, Super Mario’s swim level and more! These parody levels feel good to play and it would be a great game engine with a lot of diversity. You don’t need to be familiar with any of the games to find it funny or entertaining. I can tell the painstaking amount of NES detail in the music, sprites, graphics and love of everything 80s.


You play as the monstrous man, Abobo himself, one of the bosses from the Double Dragon series. He’s one big, bald, bad motha-well-fatha in this case. He’s a loving family man in this game. Well I don’t know about loving or family, but he’s got a son named Aboboy. He’s still the same absurdly tough guy from the Double Dragon series, but now he’s been amplified to a comical level. What other game can you knock out Donkey Kong and punt Donkey Kong Jr?

The story is simple, but goes against many gaming conventions. Enemies haven’t kidnapped your wife, princess or bride, oh no they’ve stolen Abobo’s son! Four goons show up, punch him in the stomach and carry Aboboy off ala Double Dragon. Then the hulking dad dives off of the Statue of Liberty to make his grand entrance by landing on an alley cat. Don’t worry though, the cat will be alright as it flies through the ar with a shadow getting larger and larger over the pillow tucked away next to a building. The shadow gets bigger only to have the cat splat on the sidewalk. That’s what you’re getting with this game. Its 8-bit bloody pixel sense of humor.

Abobo is then shocked to see his son is gone and he knows who took him! And that someone isn’t a gang, but instead its an entire universe of 8-bit NES characters! He’ll punch his way through grapplers from Kung Fu, punt goombas, fight old men that turn giant, battle Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the way up to boxing with “Big” Little Joe. This game is amazing!

After each brutally funny level, you’re rewarded with a short cut scene. Most cut scenes detract from a game, but these improve and enhance the enjoyment. You’ll find secret rooms with questionable things in their cut scenes. There’s a lot of violent cut scenes such as Abobo throwing a boss down a hole only to have that boss impaled on spikes that shoot out from a wall. Its sadistic, unexpected and always over-the-top with its humor.

Since every level parodies a different game, they all play completely different. Even if they’re different, they all still use NES style controls on your keyboard or through third party software. You’ve got a directional pad with your keys, two main buttons, with start and select.

The first level starts you out in a belt scrolling beat’em up from Double Dragon. You’ve got a punch, a kick, even a run button that wastes a rage meter. Once your rage is full, you can perform a screen clearing super move. Each stage has its own unique move, which is another testament to the love and effort poured into Abobo’s Big Adventure.

From there its on to a Mario style swimming level, but Abobo has a long Yoshi tongue to snatch enemies then spit them out. After that, its a Zelda style top down dungeon that’s probably the longest stage in the game. Abobo has a sword and a shield to deflect projectiles, but no other items of note. The game keeps changing and it keeps me engaged with it.

Abobo’s Big Adventure has some giant bosses, in fact some bosses eat other bosses; so you get a sense of size and scope. You’ll be fighting  a giant laser death shark, Robo Abobo in two forms, Willy from Double Dragon, a mega Kirby that vomits, the grim reaper in two forms, Kid Icarus and CastleVania. Each boss fight is completely different and still fun to play whether its spitting enemies, punching faces or shooting skulls.

While your monster of a character has plenty of energy, this game is still tough. At least death will put you right back int he action. Losing all your lives lets you use a continue and starts you back at the same stage again. Even the continue screen is a parody of another game with a saw blade that’s lowering as the clock ticks down. Of course this game is so bloody that it’ll show you everything!

As for the music, its taken straight out of the original Nintendo games. You’ll hear perfect Zelda dungeon themes, Double Dragon songs and sounds. It goes the extra mile to make you feel like you’re playing a mutated version of the original classics.

The graphics are spot on as well. There are a lot of stolen sprites from their NES games, but Abobo’s Big Adventure also includes a lot of other animations and their own unique art assets. You’ve never seen a sprite have its head ripped off and eaten before in a Nintendo game, so its all custom.

The real downfall of this game is that it isn’t available on Steam. instead you need to visit a website to play it in your browser or download the free standalone version. Some wouldn’t find that to be a detriment, but in the age of Steam, it just makes everything so much easier to find and play. Its a big list of all your games. You can still download the game and add it into your Steam library, but Steam itself will never have it due to certain copyrights from Nintendo.

Abobo’s Big Adventure is an amazing game full of humor and great game play that while its imperfect compared to the NES, it does an admirable job of emulating things. Its definitely worth your time to give it a play, but it is still a difficult and challenging game.

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