McPixel Steam Review

McPixel was shockingly enjoyable and entertaining. To break it down for you, its a point and click puzzle game set in brief different scenarios, such as in a falling elevator, you need to analyze how to save the day. You have an emergency button, elevator buttons, an old man, a bell hop and an extinguisher. What do you do to save the day? These are wacky and weird situations, usually involving bombs or gasoline. None of which lasts no longer than 15 seconds. The game is broken up into 4 chapters, each chapter has 3 or so clusters of 6 scenarios / challenges. If you fail doing a challenge, you don’t do it over and over until you get it right, you just go to the next uncompleted scenario.

I completed the entire first chapter in about 15 minutes, which is 18 challenges? There is free DLC, which is a series of selectable clusters made by fans or whomever. There is a lot of content here, but the real catch is the challenges just don’t last a long time. They’re pretty easy to figure out.

The cherry on top of this is that there are some laugh out loud results. Maybe the results are so LOL because they’re so unexpectedly random. Again, I expected nothing from this game and got a lot of entertainment from it. I’ll be returning to the game to see the other quirky scenarios with crude graphics.

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