A Game of Dwarves Steam Review

A Game of Dwarves is just like Dungeon Keeper 2, but without voice acting, charm, fun or anything of interest really. The game is less pick up and play than Dungeon Keeper 2, because there is a lot of text that needs to be read and well supplies that you buy with gold. Supplies like wood to build stuff… you buy it, you don’t chop it down. No this game is completely under ground like Dungeon keeper 2. And you play as Dwarves on a grid. Your dwarves dig out walls along this grid, but unlike Dungeon Keeper 2, you can dig up and down instead of just north, south, east and west. You hire new dwarves and assign them roles or jobs. Its just so much like Dungeon Keeper 2, but less faceted and a lot more boring. Not to say that every FPS is like Doom, with a new coat of paint, but imagine if a game released 10 years after Doom, used a modified Doom engine, yet had less interesting things than Doom. This game just feels so dull, incomplete and uninspiring. The only plus is that playing custom games will generate a random underground world for you to explore.

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