Organ Trail Steam Review

This is a parody of the old classic Oregon Trail, but with a zombie twist to it. The real selling point seems to be that parody. You start out as a party of 5 and work your way from Washington DC headed west. It is a supply and demand sort of game where when you start, you buy your supplies, then at times you’ll run low whether it is med kits, fuel, batteries, food or ammo. How do you get more? You stop and trade, scavenge or doing odd jobs.

Organ Trail is broken up into cities that have places to buy and sell things. They’ll also have either combat training or auto repair shops where you can buy mufflers, batteries, tires or upgrades. You can also fix your car at the shops. If you don’t have the cash to repair your car, you can always use scrap, but using X amount of scrap only gets you X percentage the repair will be successful. Like 2 scrap will be 20% successful.

If you can’t make it to a city, you can stop at any time to repair your car, scavenge, rest for health regeneration, kill infected party members and use med kits. I seemed to find traders more frequently when I stopped outside of a city. When you scavenge, make sure to pay attention to what the game tells you the zombie activity is. More zombies, more problems. The jobs also tell you the risk factor, anywhere from normal to suicide. Just make sure the reward is worth the risk and play it safe.

The game is full of mini games. Scavenge has you slowly running around a screen dodging zombies, collecting random things. Sometimes the game will bust out a boss to chase you that is far more difficult to avoid than the zombies. When scavenging, you don’t even need to shoot, so much as run and avoid. There are defense mini games that require you to stay put and shoot either zombies or bandits. The shooting feels very imprecise and has you clicking on a zombie with your mouse and dragging it back to your character to aim, then releasing the mouse button to fire. There are a lot of misses even with what looks like a perfectly aimed shot.

There is a mini game where your station wagon gets chased by a biker gang and you need to run them off the road and there is even a mini game where you dodge reindeer chasing after your station wagon. After you complete Organ Trail, it will unlock a Clemons mini game that has you driving a station wagon left going up triangle hills, jumping off and ramming zombies in a side scroller.

When you are on the road, random events happen, such as your characters breaking bones, getting diseases, being mugged, losing items, finding graves, wading through zombies, helping people, looting bodies, injuring your entire party and so much more. Its all text for the most part.

After you complete the game, it unlocks an endless mode. The interesting part of endless mode are the modifiers, such as your party can start out infected or they are deep sleepers and recover twice as fast. The sad thing is endless mode is really endless, and I just don’t like the thought of being able to play Organ Trail forever.

Even with all of the random events that make every playthrough different, it felt like a chore having to scavenge so much. It was as if the scavenging was the bulk of my play throughs. I didn’t find it fun. The random events are really just that, random and rarely benefit you, which is why its more of a supply and demand game. Everything is designed to drain you, but then you need to compensate for it. Please just skip this game, it looks cool, it sounds cool, but there aren’t moments of ‘yay I did it!’ so much as moments of ‘how would hitting a bump in the road lose 2 med kits?’ Oh well.

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