Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam Review

This is a really good, casual yet uncasual multi-player FPS that pits two teams against one another. The Terrorists and the counter-terrorists (counter strikers). The terrorists need to make it to specific bomb drop points and hold the position until the bomb goes off. The counter-strikers need to kill the terrorists need to disarm the bomb if it is set or if they kill a terrorist holding the bomb before it is set, they need to make sure no one picks up the bomb to set it. If all members of one faction die, they lose the round. There is no respawn until the next round. All rounds take place on the current map. You don’t go to a different map until the match ends.

Since you play a few rounds per game (let’s say 15 rounds), you get cash for each round win or lose and you can spend that cash at the start of each round on weapons and stuff. So the game increases as you go from just pistols and knives in the first round to much bigger guns in the later rounds. You can also pick up a weapon off the ground and use it as well (unless you’ve set the rules to restrict such things). You’ll keep the weapon from round to round until you die. Its a nice system.


It is a great game dynamic with good maps that have the right amount of side paths and choke points to cover. The maps are small enough where there will always be some sort of action happening, but large enough where the action can happen at places you aren’t.

There is no single player campaign, but you can play maps on your own with bots that have difficulty levels. You can even jump into a bot if you die since there is no respawn until the next round. You’ll notice the easy bots take their time to shoot you as well as you can tell watching them they intentionally don’t aim directly at you. This is PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS to pick up and play, but of course the bots get more difficult.

The game makes headshots instant kills and goes more along the realism path where if you jump and shoot, you’re less accurate. When you kneel and shoot you’re more accurate.

It’s a fun game that fills a different niche than Team Fortress 2. Give it a try over a free weekend and its also dirt cheap.

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