The Cave PS3 Review

Remember the days of point and click games where you’d collect objects then you’d reach some dead end and need to try everything from your inventory on something or craft 2 items from your inventory together (Shadowgate and Sam & Max come to mind)? Well this is a side scrolling platformer that does just that. You first pick a team from 7 characters, each with a single special ability. The Adventurer has a hook, the knight has a bubble, the hillbilly has stinky breath, the time traveler has some sort of teleport forward, the twins … uh have creepiness, the monk has, well you get it. So you pick your team of 3 kind of like the old Maniac Mansion game and you send them down the cave. The real object is to find an item that you bring to a location to do something with. Yep, that sums up the game. There is a lot of useless travel, such as when you waste an item and need to go back. I’m not talking major back tracking, but its a minute of time that makes me think wow I really need to traverse this area to get a hot dog to give to something? Since it is side scrolling, there is jumping and box pulling, but no death. When you die, you just instantly respawn with no consequence. If there was a consequence, I’d hate to make the game any longer than it needs to be.


The charm of this game comes from the voice work done by the Cave itself and even its non speaking characters. The game is easy going and lighthearted, but to be honest I really feel like why am I doing this almost mindless busy work? There are no real enemies to speak of just death traps. Nothing makes me think that was such an awesome level I want to play the game again! But the real pain is that there is replayability since there are 7 characters. So to see everyone’s ending, you need to play at least 3 times. Which is good… since there is replayability, but its bad since I don’t want to replay the game.

It looks good, it feels good to play, but its just busy work with little entertainment. You might feel good thinking oh I use this with that, huzza! but that’s about all the feeling this game gives me despite all of its charm. For $15, that price is dead on, but there will be a Steam sale somewhere that will have this game at $5 or less.

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