Aliens: Colonial Marines PS3 Review

Plenty of people bought this game sight unseen, because its Aliens and its from Gearbox which made the hit game Borderlands. Plus the screenshots and videos looked really awesome. Well the great looking media is a lie. The reality is that this is a game that has been in development since 2006 and the actual in game graphics show that this was probably meant for Playstation 2. The cut scenes look terrible and low resolution.

With that being said, this is a sequel that is designed to fit between Aliens and Alien 3. This creates giant plot holes like why are they back at the Aliens planet and how the nuclear explosion didn’t destroy everything. Or how a key character from the Aliens film got back. Not that I’m spoiling anything, you’ll know it really quick. Major questions aren’t answered, but I have a feeling they’ll all be answered in the $30 DLC.

I did like the game for the 3 days that I played it, even if it was easy. The weapons have no punch or impact. Plus the weapons were designed for multiplayer with accuracy stats so you have a 70% chance of hitting them depending on the weapon. Even in single player. You can do the single player campaign cooperatively, but the extra players don’t take pre existing roles they’re just added into the game which just makes an easy game even easier.

There are trophies galore. Glitches galore. Clipping glitches like being able to throw a face hugger off you through a wall. Closing doors on NPCs to see them half in and half out of the door. The final boss you can clip through. Having my NPC friend run in slow motion… hilarious. I reload my weapon as I’m cutting the door so it goes into the ammor reload animation and the timer for the door cutting. Then goes into the door cutting.

After the first few hours, there is a great stealth level where you are gunless and forced to creep through an alien’s den undetected. That level offers the most tense gameplay that would be similar to Alien 1. I really feel like you should have been less overpowered in this game. You feel like Hercules vs a kitten farm, because there is near limitless ammo and plenty of armor. You get regenerating health in brackets, which some would complain about, but its fine. The non human enemies barely hit you. They just jump out and straight into your gun fire. They either appear in front or behind you. Never from the side or the ceiling or the floor like they do in the movies.

If I don’t not insta killing everyone I can see the enemy AI does have intelligence, which is strange, because it sure didn’t playing the PC version. While the aliens are no threat at all, the human soldiers are a bigger threat, but pretty clueless when you flank them, but I guess that’s a problem in most games. Friendly AI ends up shooting at walls thinking they can shoot through them. Another hilarious glitch is that 3 aliens will all jump to the exact same spot all at once and take up the same space directly in front of you.

The final and biggest glaring issue that I have is that to complete the story you need to buy $30 DLC that may or may not ever get finished. But you can buy it. That is the biggest insult of the game to anyone that spent $60 on this game is knowing they have to pay an extra $30 to finish it. My feeling would be different if I thought OMG that was a great game and I’m gonna play it again and again until the DLC comes out! Gearbox could have still done DLC to further the story. Maybe I’d be less angry with the ending if they had the ending after the final boss lead into the DLC. Kind of like the end would be the beginning of the DLC and not end the game. On top of that…. I have a feeling the game is so easy, because they want that $30 from you and the DLC will be more difficult.

With all of this being said, I felt Aliens vs Predator 2010 was a better game with a better story, with better graphics and lighting, with better multiplayer. Take that for what it’s worth. Please rent this game if anything.

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