Killing Floor Steam Review

Killing Floor is an online horde-style cooperative first person shooter that places you and other players in a map and forces you to fight waves of enemies. Your objective is simple; survive. Between each wave, a shop will open up somewhere on the map and an arrow will guide your path to find it. The trader has several weapons you can purchase and you can restore your armor and ammunition for a price.

The game calls itself cooperative survival horror and while the objective in every game is survival, this is straight up in your face action horror. The monsters just come at you. There are still times where you can turn around to find half a dozen monsters trailing you. It keeps piling on the mutants and raises the intensity wave after wave. The only thing survival horror about the game is the fact you move so slow. You need to shoot rather than run from enemies. Walking might as well be standing still.


The game plays smooth, the controls are what you’d expect from a first person shooter using a mouse and keyboard. There are buttons for firing, iron sights, alternate firing, jumping, crouching, throwing grenades, reloading, running and changing your weapon. While the game lets you chose controller input, there are no native controls for it. You need to set everything yourself.

While the game excels in being just a horde-style game with waves of enemies, it is just that. The maps might be different, but you will run through the same enemies depending what wave you get to. The game is devoid of objectives outside of your own survival. The maps are large, so they do offer a variety of spaces, but you can fight in the same area of a map over and over again, even if the shops opening across the map encourage you to find a different place to do battle.

For anyone that chose to play offline, Killing Floor does offer a single player experience where you select a difficulty and face your foes alone. Your inventory consists of primary weapons, secondary pistols, melee weapons, a med kit and a welding torch. The torch is to seal doors shut to make it tough for enemies to get in. It also might keep you from getting out if a room fills with enemies, but leaving one door open and guarding it is a good enough tactic. Enemies will still drop in from the ceiling or jump off rooftops. You have health and body armor, both deplete when taking damage, but your health can be restored with some self stimulus while the armor needs to be purchased in from the trader.

To reward you your play style there are perks that you can select between waves or games. These seven perks work like classes to benefit certain styles. Each perk starts you off with a different set of weapons. These benefits are things like faster welding speed, more damage, more health, discounts on combat armor and so on.

The support specialist is good with shotguns. The sharpshooter is geared for crossbows and sniper rifles.The commando uses assault rifles and grenades. The field medic will heal others. Berserkers prefer melee weapons. Demolitions make things go boom with big weapons and firebugs make fires. The game still allows you to purchase any weapon from the store and you can get experience for any perk just by killing enemies with weapons from that class.

The graphics are great and they really add a beauty to the macabre ugliness of the gore and gruesome monsters. You’ll be exploding heads with every head shot and throwing the game into slow motion for improved accuracy. The maps have a lot of lighting effects, dreary lights, blue hues in rainstorms and a whole series of cheerful lights turned haunting by a creepy atmosphere.

The maps offer a vast variety of horrific playgrounds. Dark, sleek nightmarish landscapes. The game started with five maps, but it continues to grow. Abandon shools, hell, a creepy amusement park, ice caves, moon bases, even santa’s workshop was brought out for Christmas. New enemy skins have been produced in the game’s long existence. Its a real testament to how the developer has supported Killing Floor for this long.

The maps are free, because they need you to come back in order to purchase optional downloadable content. Everything from weapon packs and character skins. While it is a way to keep the game going to produce new content and keep you engaged, a lot of people might see it as a cash grab. Since you’re all fighting cooperatively against monsters, no one will ever be better than you, but they will just look different than you.

With that being said, there are a lot of free mods that you can download from the Steam Workshop to make your game look different and offer interesting ways to change the game. So for everything that you can purchase, there are still free things made by fans. Usually content taken from other games and franchises such as Doom 3’s monsters and Xenomorphs from the Aliens cinemas.

In terms of character customization, there are several character skins to chose from. They do nothing other than change the look of your character to other players. There are no mirrors to admire yourself in game when you’re grenading monsters to death.

Killing Floor is still a fun game and its been dirt cheap in the past. It still has a booming community, but there are other games that offer horde mode and so much more.

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