Bit.Trip Runner Steam Review

Bit.Trip Runner is a beautiful side scroller where you jump, slide and kick your way to make it through things. Did I mention that it automatically scrolls to the side? You really have no control over the movement, just the ability to jump over things, kick through them and slide under them. Seems simple enough. The jumping is not floaty at all and takes some true prescision. Even the simplest jump up stairs or jump over a chasm needs to be timed correctly.

The music is also a stand out plus in the game even if it seems like there really aren’t many songs. Just beats in the background. Every time you jump it makes a sound that adds to the melody. Every time you grab a + sign the beat amps up.

Bit.Trip Runner is split into 3 episodes each with around 10 levels. Each level will have you trying to obtain + marks on your way to the end. A lot of levels seem like the level is really 1/4th the level and they just make you run it 4x in the level. You will come to know these levels VERY well, because the downside is if you bump into something you will be taken back all the way to the beginning of a level.

If you are the type of person that loves timing games with beautiful backgrounds and good music then this game is for you. But I can’t imagine after beating this game that I will ever play it again.

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