This is a comic book heroic open world slightly sandboxish game for the Playstation 3. You play as Cole, a man that after a bomb blast discovers he has electrical powers. You can shoot with electricity, throw electrical grenades, jump from tall buildings and send out a shockwave stomp. Almost everything that Spiderman or Batman can do, with none of the main villains. Speaking of main villains, the game doesn’t really have one. Sure people go around mentioning ‘her’ but she’s never really seen. She’s not like an antagonist or anything.

The controls in the game are good. You can wall climb, hang off things, jump, aim and fire. Your powers seem infinite and you get more as you play through the game using experience points that you get from beating bad guys and helping people. There are plenty of enemies. In fact they’re usually at rooftops shooting at you, which makes running out in the open really dangerous. So your best bet to stay alive is to climb to the top of buildings like Nathan Drake or Spiderman. I hear that the protagonist Cole is a messenger, but no messenger really wall crawls like he does. Plus they never really say he’s a messenger in the game yet I hear developers talking about it. He also wears a backpack yet never uses it. Just seems like a waste.

The real downside is the open city exploration feels more like a single player MMO. You walk around to markers that are people who give quests and then you do a quest. At the end of it all, it just feels so random and inconsequential. Why did I just do that mission? To make another section of the city safe so people aren’t shooting at me from rooftops? So that makes the game easier as time goes on when it should get more challenging…. So as you get bigger and better powers there are less enemies to use them on.

Oh and there’s not much in the enemy variety. Pretty much gang members that all have the same exact look… suicide bombing gang members… guys working turrets on the back of trucks and some sort of strange ghosts. The enemy AI is good. They’ll run away and be deadly accurate with a machine gun from half a mile away. Not that I’m complaining… if you take enough damage the screen turns grey and you run away and hide for a moment and poof, your health has been restored. I would have really loved to see more variety or even different gangs. Yep 1 single gang has control of an entire city and even though the cops have guns they don’t have shootouts with them. No other citizen has a gun either. They just take pictures of you as you walk by and cheer your name when you do good. Some pedestrians will flag you down to tell you things like to restore a near dead person back to life. Yep some street walker drank poison or was shot to death but Super Cole can cure them with electricity like a defibrillator.

The main voice actors get on my nerves. The hero / anti hero has a gravely voice that seems out of place and his sidekick has a thick accent that seems completely out of place as well. Some consistency would have been nice.

In all this is still a good game, I’m just left feeling like all of the missions were just tacked on to an empty game with good controls.

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