Castle Crashers Steam Review

This is a highly fun side scrolling beat ’em up with great controls. To start with the story is that your princesses have been captured, you and up to 3 friends set out to save them. This of course means co-op mayhem fun with up to 4 players at once. The controls are simple…. quick attack, heavy attack, jump, item, magic, block and item swapping. The combat is simple, fun and the enemy AI makes it more than a button masher. They will flank you and or shoot arrows when they can. It makes for some quick thinking. The art style is amazing and charming. Everything looks fantastic. The humor is charming and surprising at times. There are light RPG elements in the game that level up your character and you can assign skill points to them. Oh and on top of that there is a world map to quickly find previous level. All of this is combine with a great soundtrack of good video game music you’ll enjoy. This is worth your money and I often don’t say that about games.

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