Team Fortress 2 Steam Review

Team Fortress 2 is a fantastic multi-player online first person shooter with 9 classes that all have unique personalities. Each class uses a primary, secondary and melee weapon. 

The Heavy has the most health, takes a while to fire, but can do the most damage per second with no reloading, but he moves slowly. The soldier shoots rockets, has the 2nd most health and and is the 2nd slowest, but experienced players can rocket jump. The demoman is a defender, using stickybombs to lay traps and grenades to roll forward, he can sticky jump with some practice and can also be a proficient melee class. The Pyro is a defender, lighting enemies on fire, causing damage for an amount of time, air blasting projectiles away and bringing good cheer and derpiness to any team. Engineers build teleporters, sentry guns and dispensers to defend the team and keep them healthy and supplied with ammo. The spy is elusive and backstabs people while invisible cloaking or disguising himself. His sapper can also disable and destroy the engineer’s buildings. The scout runs fast with a double jump and shotguns people, he also captures at twice the speed of anyone else. Snipers snipe from far away. Medics heal and make people invincible at times. 

As for the modes, there are traditional capture the flag, king of the hill and less traditional payload, where blue team will push a moving cart, while red team defends it. The more blue players next to the cart, the faster it will go. If a red player is next to the cart, it stops moving. It is a great dynamic that makes the game really stand out above the rest. There is also payload race, where two teams push their carts, and control points where the goal is to capture all of the points (3 or 5 points instead of just 1 like King of the Hill). Teams for both modes are mostly 12 vs 12. Each mode has quite a few maps and maps are continually added over time.

The newest mode is Mann vs Machine, where six players take on wave after wave of robots. There is a free version of Mann vs Machine called Boot Camp and a non free version called Mann Up that costs a Tour of Duty Ticket ($1 in the store). The ticket gets used if you complete a MVM mission. If you don’t complete a mission, or if you complete a mission you’ve already completed, then you keep the ticket. A Mann vs Machine tour is composed of several missions across a few maps. What do you get for completing a tour? A random strange weapon and a notch in your belt!

The maps in Team Fortress 2 stand out for their paths, there isn’t just one path through each map, but there are usually several routes to get around a herd of foes. There is a lot of joy and satisfaction flanking opponents and killing an entire team from behind.

Sure this game is free to play, but there are a lot of things to buy for real money! Hats for $5, keys for $2.50. Keys are like legalized gambling, you buy a key to open a crate, if you don’t get what you want, you can always use Steam trade to trade the item for something you do want or just use another key! There is a whole micro economy in the game with trading. The game will drop you weapons as you play, then you can craft two weapons together to make metal. 18 weapons will make you a refined metal. That’s the basic free currency of the game. When you have three refine, you can craft them together for a random hat. Most people prefer to trade their refined for keys, but well refined metal will always generate from dropped weapons, keys will always cost $2.50. You can also buy and sell keys in the Steam market for Steam wallet money to buy Steam games.

The items you pay for are cosmetic if not strange weapons that count your kills. So it is not pay to win, even though you can buy in game weapons, but every weapon is a side-grade, not an upgrade, with pros and cons to each weapon. Since this is a multi-player game, nothing will overpower you. It is all rock-paper-scissors. Heavy can kill anything, but a spy or sniper can take out a heavy. A pyro can easily take out a spy. Stuff like that.

Team Fortress 2 is updated regularly and has implemented a lot of community created items, maps and Halloween events. The Halloween events feel pretty special, but for the most part, they’re just Halloween versions of normal maps. The community items, while cool, seem to be mostly cosmetic items with a few new weapons. There have been community maps made and maps are always free to play on.

It is an exceptional game. Diverse weapons, maps and it is buckets of fun and free to play!!!! FREE!!! You get weapons dropped to you over time or you can trade them. It is such a good game even if you’re like me and hate multiplayer this is fun multiplayer! Or single player against bots! It is a must play for any fan of first person shooters. The game is smooth, the 9 characters and weapons are very balanced and very different. There is a diverse array of modes.

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