Robocop vs the Terminator SNES 2001 Review

Robocop vs the Terminator is a pretty good side scrolling one player shooter for the Super Nintendo. Its no Contra, the controls are pretty stiff, since you play as Robocop as he walks through the crime filled streets of Detroit all the way into the war torn future of the Terminator franchise. You have unlimited ammo and get different big guns that will help you on your way. The controls are pretty simple, the D-pad controls Robocop who can duck, climb ladders and hang off of horizontal pipes. The Y button shoots, A button changes between two guns, B and button jumps. The aiming could have done better with the L and R buttons, but it is good enough.


Because Robocop controls so stiffly, you need to shoot things before they hit you. This includes shooting bullets with certain guns. Robocop can take a good deal of punishment before he is dead. Speaking of death, you are given a password when you run out of lives if you want to end your game.

The graphics are great and even show a comic story between the gameplay as cut scenes. Every level is followed by a brief boss level before you have a change of scenery. Detroit streets go to an under construction high rise, that goes into a factory and into the future wasteland. The boss battles can go from using bullets to kill it to making a cyborg fall into a pit.

There is a great variety of enemies, everything from the normal one hit soldiers, to hanging guns, to evil cyborgs that are a lot tougher to kill, but you get better weapons to destroy them with. There are plenty of hazards such as electricity pits, flames from pipes and so on.

You’ll fight bosses like ED-260, the Terminator and several endo skeletons that you’ll need to destroy in a variety of ways. The game makes great use of the Terminator franchise, because there isn’t much to Robocop. In fact everything that is Robocop is done with by the end of the second level. Well other than the fact that you’re playing as Robocop.

In all, this game has a lot of flair and a great vibe to it. If you can overlook the stiff controls and the difficulty because of the stiff controls this game can be fun in short bursts. It is probably the best side scrolling Terminator related game.

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