The Binding of Issac Steam Review

Fantastic new school version of old school games like Zelda 1 mixed with Smash TV. The gameplay is pretty simple. a 3/4ths top down shooter that allows you to shoot in 4 directions. There are also alternate power ups and bombs to use. Really simple controls like Smash TV mixed with Zelda. You are Isaac, stuck in a multi leveled dungeon. Each one of these dungeon levels is in the old Zelda 1 style where each room is 1 screen. The dungeons / basements are randomized, every room and enemy combination is randomly generating. The gameplay is fun and addictive. The only downside is no lives, no continues. There are tons of quirky weapons, enemies, power ups and bosses. Everyone should spend the $5 to play this game.


I can understand if its not for everyone, because it is an arcadey retro Zelda 1 meets Smash TV sort of game. The graphics are cute and charming, but portray horrifying things like if you were to ever see a doodle of a fetus or a doodle of someone coughing out flies and poop staining the floor. Like a sad disparagingly sort of awesome. You play as Issac who basically has to get out of randomized Zelda style dungeons. There are dozens of unique enemies with different attack styles. Few enemies seem to have predictable patterns. There are also plenty of boss battles.

The controls take some getting used to, but they are basically Smash TV controls. You use your directional pad, then you use an attack direction. So you can move right and shoot left or up, or down or right. You have a bomb button, a special findable item and an auxiliary power up button for things like pills. The main attack are bullets… which are really tears. Bombs sit, but you can push them, pills do good and bad things. Some items / power ups give you dolls for extra weapons, or a dead cat gives you 9 lives but the catch is you have 1 heart energy per life. You can also get metal hearts, that count as energy, but once they’re gone you can’t get them back like normal heart healths.

You play through ‘basement’ floor after floor marked with a boss at the end. You find keys, bomb walls, kill enemies, gamble, visit stores, danger rooms and so on. Just like Zelda 1. The only thing is that it is all randomized. The room layouts are randomized, the rooms themselves are randomized, the stores, the weapons, the items.

It is all randomized, so you’ll never play the same game twice. This isn’t a story based game, so it won’t appeal to everyone. Its highly entertaining especially in short bursts of play. For that price, you can’t miss this game.

I highly recommend the game for its gameplay, cheap price and its never the same game twice with the random dungeons.

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