Sonic Mega Collection Plus PS2 Review

To start off with, this is an old school Sonic game collection from the Genesis and Game Gear eras. After listing the games I’ll have a very brief review on each.

Sonic The Hedgehog (9/10)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (10/10)
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (10/10)
Sonic & Knuckles (10/10)
Sonic 3D Blast (2/10)
Sonic Spinball (2/10)
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (5/10)

Game Gear:
Sonic The Hedgehog (2/10)
Sonic Chaos (4/10)
Sonic Drift (1/10)
Sonic Labyrith (0/10)
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (2/10)
Sonic Blast (4/10)


SONIC THE HEDGEHOG > is a very good game, a classic most would say. This is your traditional 2D Sonic platforming game unchanged from when it debuted on the Genesis. The controls are basic, directional pad to move or duck and all buttons jump.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 > is a very good game as well, more challenging than the first and more fun as well. You get Tails as a lovable yet death prone sidekick. Controls are the same, but now there is a spin dash if you duck and hold any button before releasing it. The spin dash helps a lot and it’s a shock to play a game without it.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3 > has bright graphics, nice details in the background. The terrains change from course to course. There are more powerups that add some dimension to the game. It’s very nice and it seems to tell a story in the later levels that builds up to Sonic 3.

SONIC & KNUCKLES > is more Sonic 2D platforming but now with Knuckles! This was a continuance of Sonic 3.

SONIC 3D BLAST > is a bad game. I’m sorry. The fake 3D effect looked like a gameboard. Its difficult to play the game because Sonic is meant for speed but you can barely see what’s in front of him. Its also very boring and involves more search than fun.

SONIC SPINBALL > is a bad and difficult game, and the graphics are dark and murky. This is a 2D platformer slash pinball game where you barely control Sonic because 99% of the time he is the pinball. It feels very tedious to do anything in this game. I can’t believe this was ever $50.

DR. ROBOTNIK’S BEAT MACHINE > is a surprisingly good puzzle game best described as a different sort of Tetris or Dr. Mario. Well worth anyone’s time to play it. You play against characters from one of the TV cartoon shows. Match falling blocks of goo. Its just that easy… til they pile up and your opponent scores and piles more up!

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG FOR GAMEGEAR > uh it’s a 2D platformer alright, but it lacks Sonicness. You really only seem to go right. Not up, down or all around. Feels like a cheap cash in.

SONIC CHAOS FOR GAMEGEAR > seems a lot more like a true Sonic 2D platformer. It feels like they worked on this one. The only downfall is that its for Gamegear and playing it at home on your TV doesn’t look good and its not fun when compared to the other great Sonic games.

SONIC DRIFT FOR GAMEGEAR > is an extremely basic one dimensional racing game. I’d compare this game more to Rad Racer than anything, but with worse graphics. You pick your driver… but they’re all the same. Then you race. You can’t go backward, you can only go side to side and crash. There are spring boxes and powerups on your way around the bland lifeless tracks.

SONIC LABYRINTH FOR GAMEGEAR > is probably the dullest Sonic game there will ever be. This is more like Sonic 3D blast… yet its called Labyrinth. Figure that out. Everything is in fake 3D, it moves really slowly, the controls are terrible and is not worth anyone’s time.

SONIC BLAST FOR GAMEGEAR > is a better version of Sonic Chaos which is a 2D platformer… only with Knuckles! Probably the best of the Gamegear games, but its still nothing compared to the first three Sonic 2D games.

DR. ROBOTNIK’S BEAT MACHINE FOR GAMEGEAR > is pretty much the exact game as the Genesis version, but with worse graphics. There is a challenge mode here that has you doing certain things to get to the next challenge. That is a nice mode that the Genesis version could have had.

THE EXTRAS > are not worth it… but you’re buying this for the first 4 Sonic games listed which are true classics. Dr. Robotnik’s Beat Machine is also worth your time as well. There are comics, instruction booklet art, scenes from Sonic Adventure’s opening scenes. There are also unlockables like playing as Knuckles in other Sonic games. There is the Blue Sphere game which is a game all about Sonic 3’s bonus levels. Its extremely dull and tedious… good thing they made an entire bonus game out of it! Other games to enable are Flicky which is fun (for a while) 2D arcade game and Comix Zone a 2D sidescrolling brawler.

WHAT ITS MISSING > some fresh levels for each of the original Sonic games would have been great… like a Sonic challenge “game” where you’d have a variety of new levels like Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone act 4. Or Sonic 2 Aquatic Ruin Zone act 3. That way you’d have the characters and gameplay mechanics from each Sonic game in the respective level and you can use set pieces and graphics from those games, but with new levels. That would have been nice.

IN CONCLUSION > it’s a great pack for the value even if some of the games are bad and needless to have on there. Anyone that likes 2D platforming should pick up this game.

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