Top Gun NES Review

Top Gun is a dull, near impossible flight simulation game. Even if it has the same name as the Tom Cruise 80s movie Top Gun, I can’t say that it feels too much like the film. There is no real story, you are just a F-14 fighter in hostile territory. As a fighter jet, you have guns, rockets and missiles that you select before each mission starts.

1It is a nice flight simulator, but its just dull with long periods of sky, no clouds, no sea, no land and no obsticles. Then there is the challenge. Enemies firing rockets at you from sea and air. If you get hit by one rocket, you’re dead. I suppose its like that in real life, so why not in the game? Enemy jets get behind you and you need to shake them before they destroy you with their rockets or missiles.

About halfway through each mission, you will need more jet fuel, so the flying fuel tanker flies in and you need to get the fuel just right or die trying. If you don’t couple with the refueling hose in time, the fuel tanker will abandon you to die. You won’t just instantly die, you have a little bit of time to keep going, knowing that you have no chance to make it to the end.

Even as a kid I discovered an exploit that let me coast through the game with no problem. Fly up. Just stay up at the height of your jet’s ability and nothing will hit you.That was another thing that added to how boring the game was.

At the end of each mission, you need to land on an aircraft carrier with perfection. Too fast, you crash, too slow, you crash, too high, you crash, too low, you crash. Its an interesting way to end things, but I remember as a kid it was just too much for me to comprehend. I could get through the missions easy enough, but when it came to landing, I’d always die. Perseverance payed off though. After a lot of trial, error and most importantly experience, I got the hang of it.

Its a precise game, so if you love precision, this is your game! However, for casual gamers, this is a frustratingly difficult, tedious and miserable experience.

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