Braid Steam Review

Braid is a traditional 2D side scrolling platform game that feels very familiar. You enter different levels, hop on most enemies to defeat them, find keys, open doors and climb ladders. It feels very familiar. There is a jump button, up lets you go in doors or climb ladders, and a button for the big twist.

The big twist is time manipulation, you can reverse time or fast forward it once you have rewound it. This way, when you die, you rewind time to when you didn’t die. You rewind time to help you solve puzzles too.


Such as, you will get a key, open a door and find another door, well you can rewind time to where you still had the key. When time is restarted, you will have the key, but the first door will be open. A lot of puzzles are like that in the game, whether its dropping 5 ceiling fixtures onto a boss’s head when you need to rewind time to reset the fixtures or grabbing a key in a pit and rewinding time to when you didn’t fall in the pit (but still keep the key).

The game feels mellow and has a unique art style that makes it feel like a story book. There are things before the levels that you can walk by and read the rich back story to the game.

While it is amazingly good, challenging and thought provoking. It feels like other free games found on the Internet. This game is just the best of them all, its a nice change of pace from everything that is 3D in the world.

To be honest this game is more challenging than fun. It is a side scrolling platform puzzle game. Like Mario…. but with a tragic story. Like an unhappy Mario game based on puzzles that require you to rewind time, speed it up, slow it down. All that fun stuff. The only catch is that the difficulty curve goes up a giant hill. It is not fun and it gets challenging too quickly all while keeping a sad tone and a painted art style. Skip this game and forget how many people love it because its one of the first indie games to get praise. Go pick up something fun instead.

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