Spy Hunter NES Review

Spy Hunter is the classic top down racing game that first appeared in the arcade. I’m not sure who is the spy and who is the hunter, but you drive your slick white car with a set of machine guns that can shoot whatever is ahead of you. Along the way, you can drive inside of big trucks that will power up your car with other weapons like oil slicks and smoke screens. These have limited uses, but now for the objective.

The objective is to keep driving, seriously. Because it is an arcade game, the game never ends. Paths fork, and send you to some new scenery, but that’s it.One of the fun things is when it transitions from two small roads into one large road, the vehicles on the other end run out of road and are unable to go off screen, so they just crash. So intent on you they drive off the road and explode.


Along the way, there are dark blue cars on your tail though, thick blue cars that are bullet proof and try to ram you off the road. There are cars with tire slashers that will send you spinning off the road and exploding in the scenery. Long blue limos will try to shoot out your tires and finally, helicopters that drop bombs, leaving holes in the pavement.

There are other vehicles on the road, that are not a dark blue color. They are more like innocent civilians that you can still blow away if you choose, but it’ll cost you.

The controls are simple, up to drive faster, one button for your machine guns and the other button for the alternate weapon. Driving too fast and hitting an object will make you explode, but luckily you have three or so lives. When you crash, a new car is delivered to you out of the back of a truck. These trucks are indestructible unless you put a lot of effort into killing them from bizarre ways like having enough of them on screen that they push one another off the road.

As a kid, I remember finding a glitch that allowed you to just drive forward forever, going over grass and water. At some point a helicopter appears to drop bomb, but if you’re going fast enough, it can’t stop you. The only thing that can stop you is when the road widens and the tire slashers can gouge your wheels.

To change the driving of the game there is a point where you can turn your spy car into a spy boat with a new set of enemies. That really sums up the game. Its a fun game that goes on forever, driving along the same road with the same enemies. Its a classic, but not different after a few plays.

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