Ren & Stimpy: Veediots Game Boy Review

Veediots is a platform game starring Ren & Stimpy (they were drawn by the same people that do Sponge Bob)! Each area has a unique theme, but it goes by pretty quick. Quick is a good thing in this case, because there are no passwords or game saves.

The first level stars Ren as a rat as he evades Stimpy (a cat). Easy enough, then it switches themes to Stimpy’s lab. Six levels of it, and there are more puzzle elements to this which makes it a nice change of pace. Flip switches, open doors, use blow torches to melt the doors (you heard me). Each level has a two or three minute time limit, meaning that you will be done with the game before you know it.

The real challenge comes from the poor collision detection. It leaves you with questions like, “will you land on a platform or will you fall through?” “Will a near miss from an enemy still hurt you?”

Other than that, there is only one kind of jump in the game and that’s a high jump. No matter what its a high jump. The graphics are pretty nice and look more like a drawn cartoon. The animation is pretty bad and picking up items makes the characters (Ren & Stimpy) look like someone stapled it to them.

It is a better game for youths, especially considering the fact that its a cartoon game. I enjoyed the game a lot more when I was a teen than I do now probably 15 years later.

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