Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4 Bundle Xbox Review

If you don’t know what Dance Dance Revolution is (DDR), its a rhythm game where you stand on a dance pad and stomp or touch the squares to the beat of the music. The game has arrows that flow from the bottom to the top of the screen and you step down when the arrow reaches the top. Its simple on easy for beginners, and insanely difficult for the pros.

The real selling point for this type of game is the music and quite honestly the music in Ultramix 4 a big turnoff. Its really unenjoyable. However, for $[…] you can download previous Ultramix soundtracks via X-Box Live (if you have the previous games).

Ultramix 4 has new features like a calorie counter, training mode and workout mode. Training mode is pretty good for new people like me just learning. Workout mode is continuous dancing and if calorie counter is enabled you can see that you burn about 100 calories an hour on easy. This is not a replacement workout, unless you are a hardcore DDR veteran.

There are several modes like Battle Mode, Challenge Mode, but the main mode is Adventure, where you go through a city via a map and pay game money to dance battle computer characters. Not only can you get two mats and DDR with a friend right there, but there is online compatibility that will keep you dancing.

You can even make your own dance patterns with an in game editor. You can even edit background videos, but both features are very cumbersome and not worth your time to do.

As for the dance pad, it shifts on carpet, so its best if you have a hard wood floor, but then all of the “dancing” might be hard on your feet.

You can and should skip this product.

Here is a list of the music that is not hidden:
Arms (Alpha Omega Mix) Monolithic
Because I Got It Like That (Freestylers Indett Mix) Jungle Brothers
Big Up (Binghi Ghost Remix) Drew Campbell
bitmania Akira Yamaoka
Cannibale Stereo Total
Cosmic Hammer Jondi & Spesh
Dead Man’s Party Oingo Boingo
Desire (Comet Mix) Fracus feat. Lisa Abbott
Diverse City Toby Mac
Don’t Cha (Ralphi’s Hot Freak Mix) Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes
Don’t Stop! (AMD 2nd Mix) Dr. VIBE feat. JP miles
Dual Love Gavin G & Dan Rolla J
Electric Air Amit
feeling of love youhei shimizu
Forever Young (Everlasting Mix) Ella
Free (Liberation Mix) Blue October
Frozen Ray (for EXTREME) dj. TAKA
Get Away Gridlok
Get Up! (Before the Night Is Over) Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K
GO! (Mahalo Mix) DM Ashura
Grandolin ZeroFuser
I Can Feel It Alien Six
It’s Raining Men (ALMIGHTY MIX) Geri Halliwell
Jumping All Over the World Scooter
Levitation Nation Shpongle
Listen to your Heart (Furious F. EZ Radio Edit) DHT
Masters of the Universe Juno Reactor
MONDO STREET Orange Lounge
More Serotonin Neuroactive
Music Revolution The Scumfrog
My Side Of the City Beulah
Nervous Excited Delighted Z.O.N.K.
No Good (Start The Dance) The Prodigy
No Parking (On The Dance Floor) Midnight Star
Oblivion (Nevarakka Mix) Real Life
Race Against Time Jeff Steinman
Rock This Town Stray Cats
Saturday (Morjac Radio Mix) Marly
Senses JT.1UP
Sigrev2 Richard Devine
Snake Charmer DIRTYHERTZ and Rena Jones
Sockem Steve Porter
The Drain Monolithic
The Problem Phunk Police
There’s A Rhythm Dig Bear feat. Kat Blu
These Words (I Love You, I Love You) Natasha Bedingfield
Thrill Chaser DIRTYHERTZ
Tooryanse (teckno children mix)
Waka Laka (E=MC2 Mix) Jenny Rom vs. ZIPPERS
We Are Connected (Overdrive Mix) Jondi & Spesh
Yours To Command Rupesh Cartel

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