Tetris Worlds XBox Review

Tetris Worlds does offer a new spin on the original game of Tetris, such as a story mode. The story is strange if not cheesy, a world made of block like creatures is being threatened, and they must escape their world by opening portals called Tetrions, which of course is why you play Tetris. Tetris has been out since 1989, it’s a wholesome puzzle game for everyone, where blocks fall and you must position the blocks into rows. When you make a row of blocks, the blocks fade away if the blocks stack to the top, then you lose. The game has some new features, that make things a little too easy, such as the blocks have a shadow, so you can see where they will end up. You can see the next four blocks that will drop, and you can even throwaway blocks, before they drop. The final “improvement” is that the blocks are not permanently in place until you stop moving them, like when players have to drop a block past an overhang then wedge it in. There is some nice depth and distraction to the game, such as there are different worlds, jungle worlds, ice worlds and so on. When the blocks begin to stack the civilization in the background gets built. The further you go, the further the civilization grows. It’s a nice touch, but of course it is really to distract the player! The music is good, but people might not like it, because it is futuristic and spacey, however if you have music on your X-Box you can play songs from that, rather than the Tetris soundtrack. The graphics are nice, but they could be so much better, its sort of like graphics for the 64 bit game consoles, not the super powered X-Box. There is now online play, so you can play against every other Tetris player using X-Box Live on Broadband. You can compete head to head, where when you complete a row, it feeds blocks to your opponent. For online play there are also scoreboards with the top players. Even with the online play, after Tetris has been available for nearly every game system this is nothing that any gamer can get excited about. Fortunately this game now comes as a part of a new X-Box Live bundle for Christmas of 2003.

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